Monat Vs deathguard battle report+ excessive RP fluff

Battle Reports and debriefing thoughts about your Tau in action
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Monat Vs deathguard battle report+ excessive RP fluff

Post#1 » Dec 07 2017 07:59


///File metadata
A battle report for the following scenario:
200 points of tau holding off a hoard of 400 points of deathguard poxwalkers and their surgeon, with (turn number+d6 new pox walkers spawning each turn)

///End metadata
///Begin transmission

If you are are recieving this, then know that I have made the ultimate sacrifice for The Greater Good.
The earth caste scientists uncovered a quarantine vault on the newly reclaimed fringe world of Niol'ta with some unusual bio-readings within; they appeared to be dying Gue'la and the decision was made to take advantage of their weakened state to cure them and so convert them to the greater good. They were so right. They were so wrong.

The monstrous creatures within are not Gue'la anymore, and attacked us the moment we opened the doors. I have dispatched my remaining talisssara bond mates to escort the scientists to safety. I myself will remain behind with our full drone contingent to lure these slow moving yet dogged creatures to a nearby strong point on a hill. I will become monat, and fight alone until I perish, to buy my men time.

///File metadata
deployment: one large hill with two winding paths and rocky cliffs in the middle of a large patchwork of hedged fields. On the top are deployed a drone turret, cadre fire blade and two squads of five gun drones, each with one shield drone. Surrounding them at the edges of the board are a horrific number of poxwalkers and one plague surgeon providing buffs.
House rule: poxwalkers attempting to move up the cliff in accordance with 8th ed rules can be knocked to the bottom of the hill with just a hit- no wound required. The paths are safe and this rule does not apply.

///End metadata
///File corruption error tUrN 1oNe

The hill provides good views of the surrounding areas and is the site of a static defensive turret. I will make stand here. The creatures are making use of the hedgerows that scatter the area, which may make them prove difficult to hit. In the distance I see something moving. Something larger than the rest. I have a bad feeling about this.
Setting squadron 2 to watch my back I aim my rifle and draw a bead on the southern group. Whilst I bear no love for the Gue'la, what I see down my scope makes me shudder... No-one deserves this. I send targeting data to squadron 1 and the turret and give the order to open fire. The group shatters into gore. This is going to be too easy. A hex pings into my helmet indicating kill counts for squadron two. This... Is not encouraging. The northern group is near t the larger figure, who appears to be doing... I don't know what, but half the creatures get right back up, despite the smoking holes in their chests. This maybe won't be so easy.
The other groups to the east and west are closing

//File corruption error TuRn 7wO

I reassign squadron two to the western flank and direct my markerlight to the east. A storm of missiles and pulse fire annihilates half the group whilst squadron two reports their- PROXIMITY ALERT!!! I wheel south to see that the lone survivor of the opening volley has reached the base of the hill and is climbing fast. I snap shot at him and he falls dead and twitching. In the distance I see a new group is gathering...
Another proximity alert and I see on my tactical map that the northern continent has reached the path but have not yet begun to climb. The mysterious figure follows at a short distance. Down my scope I see an incongruous sight, the tools of a surgeon dangling from a blood stained apron. I can't get a clear shot thanks to the press of putrid bodies in front.

///File corruption error TuRn thReeeeeeeeeee


///File metadata begin
the terrain house rule works hilariously well with a deathguard opponent during shooting phase and overwatch, zombies falling like lemmings from the cliffs from the sheer volume of pulse shots, yet getting back up at the bottom thanks to failed wound rolls or passed disgustingly resilient checks. The remaining Northern contingent charges into combat with squadron two who hold out surprisingly well for the loss of only one shield drone and one gun drone

///End metadata
///File corruption error tuRn f0ur4

All quarters now have close threats, and all quarters appear to have received reinforcements from behind. I've withdrawn all done squads and myself to the least threatened cliff edge to maximise the distance and fire advantage though my pursuers are relentless, braving storms of fire to strike at the drones in close quarters. Losses are heavy, my continent is under 25% strength now. I can see the surgeon now and I can feel my courage faltering. How can the tau'va hope to defeat such blind hate? He is striking furiously at the turret now, it seems to have distracted him. Maybe now is my chance, maybe I've bought my comrades enough time?

///File corruption error TuN 5fiVe

Okay this is it, there's a pile of loose scree forming a kind of path down. I'm taking squad one with me whilst the remains of squad two keep me covered

///File metadata begin
I've by this point realised the end is nigh and decide to go out with a fluff friendly bang. The surgeon takes another turn attacking the turret. Unfortunate it doesn't have the fortification keyword, and doesn't take automatic hits. The poor guy in playing against had just used two turns punching it and missed every single one

///End metadata
I'm not going to make it, two groups are closing in

///File corruption error TuRn si6

This is it, I can't run any more, my strength is spent and I see some from the hilltop- the installation is destroyed. I'm re programming the drones to carry this footage to the Tau, that my comrades may learn from my efforts and so that my death shall play a small part in the greater good
///File note: Navigational data received
///File note: transfer operational control from CADRENET to AUTONOMOUS-PRESERVATION (SELF)-HOME

{Distant} FOR THE TAU'VA!

///Error life signs of local asset are critical

///File note: Navigational: leaving known combat zone radius

and so ends that losing fight. Really good fun being able to fight without having to try to win, yet realising I can make this good and fluffy by giving myself an objective to get some drones to escape. Also really got to play with house rules which was fun! Who'd have thought a guaranteed loss scenario would that fun to play?

Limitations? You mean you don't want Fido the kroot hound as a character?

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Re: Monat Vs deathguard battle report+ excessive RP fluff

Post#2 » Dec 08 2017 05:21

Ha, awesome read, thanks man! Love these little fights

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Re: Monat Vs deathguard battle report+ excessive RP fluff

Post#3 » Dec 13 2017 08:28

Really nice read. Thank you very much. Looking forward for new stories :biggrin:

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