Battle Report #1: Tau Sept vs Tyranids (750)

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Battle Report #1: Tau Sept vs Tyranids (750)

Post#1 » Jan 08 2018 07:48

With my first battle of 2018, I figured I might start logging my battles in a series of battle reports here on ATT. I can't log everything of course, but I'll try to provide as much information as I can. The purpose of these battle reports will be to lighten up on the narrative, and examine the lessons that can be learned from the battles themselves. I'm also not much of a photographer so expect more text than pictures. Anyway, here goes:

Tau Sept vs. Hive Fleet Kraken (750 Points)
Mission Type: Seize Ground
Deployment: Hammer and Anvil

Tau Sept Army List:
HQ - Commander w/ 4x Fusion Blasters; 2x Shield Drones (156)
HQ - Commander w/ 3x Missile Pods, ATS (156)
Troops - 5x Fire Warriors w/ Markerlight; 2x Gun Drones (59)
Elites - 3x XV8s w/ 8x Cyclic Ion Blasters, Drone Controller; 6x Gun Drones (323)
Fast Attack - 5x Pathfinders w/ 5x Markerlights (40)

Hive Fleet Kraken Army List:
HQ - Broodlord
Troops - 16x Genestealers
Troops - 16x Termagants
Heavy Support - Mawloc
Heavy Support - Tyrannofex

Deployment: During alternating deployment I kept my battlesuits in Manta Strike reserve while the Tyranids kept the Mawloc in reserve. I deploymed my infantry in ruins while the Tyranids deployed in a dense formation out of cover; the Tyrannofex (amazingly) was entirely hidden behind a building. We each placed our single objective in a ruin, out of sight. After a roll-off Tyranids went first; I declined to steal initiative.

Turn 1:

Tyranid Turn 1: A largely uneventful turn saw the Genestealers, Termagants, and Broodlord advanced very quickly using the Hive Fleet Kraken adaptation. The Mawloc emerged out of cover and killed one Fire Warrior with its mortal wound-causing ability. Besides the Tyrannofex (which was out of range) the Tyranid army had no shooting.

Tau Turn 1: In my movement phase nothing moved. The Fusion Commander arrived near the Mawloc, while the Missile Pod Commander arrived behind the Pathfinders; the CIB XV8s arrived exactly 18" away from the Genestealer blob. In shooting, the Pathfinders lit up the Genestealers, and I used Uplinked Markerlight to get a full 5 Markerlight tokens on the unit. The combined firepower of the two Commanders brought down the Mawloc, while the non-overcharged CIBs and Gun Drone Pulse Carbines evaporated 15 Genestealers.

Turn 2:

Tyranid Turn 2: With the loss of the Mawloc and most of the Genestealers the Tyranid army was already in dire straights. The remaining Genestealers and Broodlord headed off toward the XV8s while the Termagants followed them. Tyranid shooting killed three Gun Drones, and in the succeeding charge phase XV8 overwatch brutalized the Genestealers, destroying the squad. The Broodlord did make it into combat however, and killed the remaining Gun Drones.

Tau Turn 2: My XV8s fell back out of combat, while my Fusion Commander (far in my own back lines) advanced forward, but a poor roll meant it was still out of range of the Broodlord. In the shooting phase I managed 5 Markerlight hits on the Broodlord with Uplinked Markerlight, whom the Missile Pod Commander dispatched easily. The XV8s opened fire on the Termagants, killing them all.

Turn 3:

Tyranid Turn 3: At this point Hive Fleet Kraken had only the Tyrannofex remaining... which now happened to be within 18" of the XV8s. Its colossal 4D6 S6/AP-1/D3 flamer weapon promptly dispatched the entire XV8 squad (which had no Gun Drones remaining), but that was all the Tyranids could do.

Tau Turn 3: The Fusion Commander again advanced forward to be within 18" of the Tyrannofex. Several Markerlight hits ensured that the Commander could still fire at full BS however, and the ensuing four Fusion Blaster hits brought the Tyrannofex to just six wounds remaining, and the Missile Pod Commander was able to bring the beast down.

End Game: Tau victory 5-0, Tyranids tabled.

Conclusions: A few factors led to this easy victory. First, the early deep strike of the Mawloc and Commanders meant that I was easily able to counter-deep strike. Second, there were no defensive measures used by the Tyranid army to protect the Genestealers, which are flimsy against mass anti-infantry fire. Here are some of my observations:

1. Fusion Commanders are good, but they are not reliable. My Fusion Commander fired at every opportunity, and whiffed a huge number of shots. It was only by using Command Points and the PEN that I was able to cause sufficient damage to destroy the Mawloc and Tyrannofex.

2. The Puretide Engram Neurochip is good. I got a command point back, which was nice, but most importantly the PEN allows you to take (essentially) two Command Re-Rolls in a single shooting phase, which is fantastic.

3. The Uplinked Markerlight stratagem is fantastic. Enough said, 5 Markerlight hits essentially guaranteed is great.

Water Caste Photo Log:

Tyranid beasts advance on a lone XV8 Commander and its accompanying drones.

Interepid Fire Warriors of the Tau Caste take aim on the advancing Tyranid horde.


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Re: Battle Report #1: Tau Sept vs Tyranids (750)

Post#2 » Jan 08 2018 11:41

Well played! I assume the use of 5 lights in turn 2 on the Broodlord was to then follow up potentially with the xv-8's should he survive the commander's barrage? Tyrannofex flamer seems brutal. Seems like a fairly easy victory.

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Re: Battle Report #1: Tau Sept vs Tyranids (750)

Post#3 » Jan 08 2018 12:36

Nice one, Arka!

Sounds like unsupported Nids are very vulnerable to our guns. Also kinda sounds like the CIB Crisis really did well.

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Re: Battle Report #1: Tau Sept vs Tyranids (750)

Post#4 » Jan 08 2018 10:14

Yojimbob wrote:Well played! I assume the use of 5 lights in turn 2 on the Broodlord was to then follow up potentially with the xv-8's should he survive the commander's barrage? Tyrannofex flamer seems brutal. Seems like a fairly easy victory.

Exactly, that guy alone would be enough to finish off the XV8s in combat. I knew I had to remove a target, either the Broodlord or the Tyrannofex, and the Fusion Commander was out of range. I wasn't going to risk the Broodlord surviving, especially since Tyranids get the -1 damage ability on it.

The Tyrannofex flamer is insane! Shoots twice for total of 4D6, so when I learned it had AP-1 I was relived... until my opponent told me it did D3 damage! I was shocked by the power of that gun. Tyranids and Death Guard are the two books I don't know well, I need to get back on top of the rules.

QimRas wrote:Sounds like unsupported Nids are very vulnerable to our guns. Also kinda sounds like the CIB Crisis really did well.

Yeah, against skirmish-y Tau the Tyranids didn't really have a chance honestly. If the Tyrannofex had the big gun and there were flying chaff units it would have been a much harder fight though.

And CIBs were a fantastic loadout in this battle. They were very effective against the Termagants and Genestealers, and were a good option against the Broodlord as well. Neither Burst Cannons nor Plasma Rifles would have been useful in these cases, so I think the CIBs were the right pick.

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Re: Battle Report #1: Tau Sept vs Tyranids (750)

Post#5 » Jan 09 2018 01:20

Well played and nice pics :smile:

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