2k Tau vs Imperial Guard

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2k Tau vs Imperial Guard

Post#1 » Jan 08 2018 07:06

So I had a really good game this Sunday against a tough IG list. I've been developing my hyper aggressive 2k list to be able to disrupt the opponent and be able to have a great beta strike if I go second.

My List:
1 Battalion, 1 Fast attack detachment 1 Elite Detachment - 8 CP

3 X Cold Star Commander w/ ATS and Shield Generator + 2 Marker Drones - 1 of these was the commander
1 X QFC + 2 Shield Drones
1 X Commander with 3 cyclic Ion blasters + 2 Shield Drones
1 X Cadre Fireblade - Had the relic

2 X 5 Firewarrior squad with 1 markerlight
1 X 6 Firewarrior squad with 1 markerlight

2 X 5 Stealth suits with homing beacon, 1 shield generator and 2 Shield Drones
1 X 3 Crisis Suits with 2 missile pods, 1 flamer each and 6 Gun Drones (AKA Deathrains)

Fast Attack:
2 X Piranhas - Fusion Blaster
1 X Piranha - Fusiuon Blaster and 1 seeker missile

In general with this list I want the stealth suits to live through the first turn so I can get a good drop in. The piranhas are meant to deliver drones into the pile of suits I am going to make or charge into any units I want to stop from shooting.

My Opponents list
he had 4 detachments totaling 12 CPs
2 Psykers 1 with +1 to save and 1 with -1 to hit
3 X Tallarn Leman russ commanders 1 with battlecannon 2 with the gatling gun that can fire 20 shots
Sly Marbo
4-6 Company Commanders

2 X 4 Tallarn Veteran squads with Plasma guns

3 X 10 Guardmen with lascannon - Reroll all misses if standing still with order
3 X 10 Tallarn Guradsman with melta guns

Heavy Support:
3 X Earthshaker cannons - Catachan for the re-rolls on # of hits

I may be missing some units here but that is the majority of the models. His relics were the ones that gave him the chance to regain his CPs and gain CPs when I used mine.

So we got the standard 12" long table edge deployment zone and used a new chapter approved mission. There were 3 objectives 1 directly in the center and 2 more 18" directly laterally off of that so that they were 12" from each of our deployment zones. It was progressive scoring where you got a point for being on the objective at the end of any of your turns. Characters are super Obsec and gain an additional point for each subsequent turn. So 1 point for first turn 2 for second and 3 for third etc. 1 point for first blood, Linebreaker and 1 Slay the warlord.

I actually really like this mission and any mission from chapter approved that I've played. They make for some god games

Initial thoughts and strategy:
I've had terrible luck against Celestine in the past so she made me very nervous. His leman russes were a big threat and his earthshaker cannons were all items I felt I could reliably neuter or destroy so that was going to be my focus. I hoped Celestine would go Rambo into my suits earlier rather then later so I would have drones to soak up the damage. Either way he had a lot of static firepower while my stuff was more mobile and in deep strike so I was planning on deploying thinly across my lines with a slight heaviness to where I wanted him to drop. That way he would not be able to outflank with his Tallarn dudes easily and I could deep strike on any flank I thought I would be able to do the most damage. I would focus on crippling his army turn 1 then gaining points.

I finished deploying first obviously. We had a good amount of ruins and line of sight blockers. From left to right in my deployment zone. 2 piranhas in ruins on the extreme left, the 6man fire warrior squad in anothe ruins then another 5 man fire warriors behind a barricande and finally in a ruin on the extreme right I had 5 fire warriors the fireblade and a piranha. I had my 2 stealth suit squads in ruins in midfield one right close to the left most objective and one squad in between the middle and right most objective. All suits deepstruck and I managed to create enough of a 9" no deep strike zone that my opponent would have to deepstrike in the extreme left corner or in front of me and not in the center

My opponenet deployed from left to right. extreme left was Celestine, Gatling commander and a 10 man lascannon squad in ruins. Then a 10 man lascannon squad with a psyker and some commanders. In the center a 10 man lascannon squad a psyker and a commander. On the right flank was a battle cannon leman russ commander the 3 melta squads and officers bubble wrapping the 3 earthshaker cannon in the corner. 1 gatling leman russ commander and the plasma vets outflanked using the stratagem. Sly Marbo deepstruck

My opponent won the roll for first turn and I failed to seize initiative. I wanted a test and I was about to get one!

As a note my opponent rolled super lucky on his command point regeneration things. Just assume the entire time he had 10+

Guard Turn 1:
Some units shuffled around but most stayed in place except for 1 10 man squad who moved up to claim the right most objective. Celestine chose to wait on the extreme left flank for a better target. Sly marbo deep struck close to the leftmost objective but couldn't be on it thanks to my stealth suits. He tried to move in to claim it but failed to get close enough. The two plasma squads came out in the bottom left corner with clear line of sight on my 2 piranhas in the ruins. The gattling commander came out on the extreme right flank in front of the earthshaker cannons. The results of my opponents smites and shooting were that all my piranhas were destroyed. 2 stealth suits on the left flank and 1 shield drone and 1 stealth suit in the middle flank and 2 shield drones.

My opponent scored 2 points. 1 for his objective and 1 for his first blood.
Score 0-2

Tau Turn 1:
I really liked my board state. I still had to keep up deepstrike denial for Celestine and Marbo but his tricks were played and Celestine could be removed while I could go after the earth shaker cannons in relative safety. On the left flank I moved 2 gun drones from 1 of the dead piranhas up next to a plasma vet squad that had one guy overheat. The second group of gun drones moved with the stealth suits to close in on Marbo in the crater. The remaining shield drone sat on the left most objective. Te firewarriors on the left started moving to the center. The stealth suits on the right moved right in front of the battle cannon commander and deployed the homing beacon. The 2 missile pod/flamer and 6 gun drone squad right in front of the gatling commander and a 10 man melta guard squad. The commanders all deep struck on the extreme right flank in front of the gatling commander and the earthshaker cannons the 2 gun drones from the rightmost piranha advance onto the rightmost objective. Shooting results in the gatling commander dead, 1 dead earthshaker, 1 earthshaker down a bracket, almost 20 dead guardsmen spread across the three squads 1 dead plasma vet and marbo at 1 wound. I then assaulted the battlecannon commander with the deathrains and the accompanying drones losing 1 drone to overwatch. Gun drones assault into the weakened plasma vets. Stealth suits kill Marbo and the deathrains engage 5 additional guardsman.

A Very good first turn and I was hapy with my field position. I failed to kill the one guardsman on the rightmost objective and my opponent spent 2 points to keep him alive. My opponent had a plan though and was also happy with the board state.

Score 2-2

Guard Turn 2:
Plasma vets move towards stealth suits, Gatling commander jets onto the leftmost objective. Celestine dashes towards the middle objective. the depleted guard squad on the rightmost flank moves up The psychers move towards the tied up gatling commander. Shooting and smiting sees the left most stealth suit squad lose it's remaining shield drone and lose another stealth suits. the right most stealth suit squad lost another suit and was reduced to 3 the deathrain suits lost 2 full suits and some 3 marker drones.

My opponent scored 2 points thanks to his tank commander and that lone remaining guardsman.
Score 2-4

Tau Turn 2:
Leftmost fire warrior squad move onto the middle objective QFC and cycilic Ion blaster commander move onto the rightmost objective. My cold star commanders moved up close to the gatling commander and the lone remaining deathrain fell back so he could shoot the psycher and the gun drones also fell back. The 3 stealth suits on the right moved up to the gatling commander and the stealth suits on the left lined up a charge on the plasma vets with the gun drones. Shooting saw a couple plasma vets die, the gatling comander taking some damage all the remaining melta guardsmen die along with some officers, 1 earthshaker die and the other reduced to 2 wounds. Gun drones assault a plasma squad and kill 1 dude. Cold starts and stealth suits assault the gatling commander and tie him up so he can't fall back.

I scored 1 point but with a character so I fell behind but I was still happy as I felt I had neutered most of his force and felt my mobility would win me the day. Plus a tabling was really a possibility here. Celestine was my main concern but with all my drones and fire warriors she wouldn't have a lot of places to respawn
Score: 3-4

Guard Turn 3:
Celestine moves close to the middle objective and the lone reamaining psycher lines up the lone remaining deathrain. Psychis and shooting sees all my drones on the left flank die and the stealth suit squad reduced to 1 guy with 1 wound. The deathrain got smote off the table. Celestine assaulted the fire warrior squad on the middle objective and killed them.

Guard scored 3 points 2 for the tank commander and 1 for Celestine. I needed to kill Celestine and protect an objective or I would get beaten by points.
Score 3-7

Tau Turn 3:
Stealth suits stay in combat with the gatling commander. Everything spreads out in my right flank to deny respawn locations. The central firewarrior squad moves into the middle ruins so they can shoot Celestine but if she assaults them she will be off the objective. All the commanders move so that they line celestine up to shoot. Celestine dies and fails to resurrect and there was much rejoicing. plasma vet squad died and the 10 man lascannon squad in the center died. The earthshaker cannon was reduced to 1 wound.

I scored 2 points for my character on the right most obecjtive
Score: 5-7

At this point the store was going to close really soon so we had to call it. As far as we could tell I had the advantage in remaining forces and he was not going to be able to control or contest the central or the right objective. So the best result for him would be turn 4 he gets 3 points and turn 5 4 points bringing his total to 14. I would have gotten 3 points on turn 4 and 4 points on turn 5 for the right most objective brining my total to 10. I would get the middle objective for turns 4 and 5 with a character for a further 3 points for 13 points. I would then get linebreaker and be able ot kill his warlord bringing me to 15. His 2 lone plasma vets were the only ones who could have gotten linebreaker were almost surely dead. Plus if I killed his gattling commander or assaulted the commander with my cold start I would have denied him the points he desperately needed to win. So it was declared a Tau victory.

This was a pretty validating game for this list concept I felt. I was able to survive a brutal alpha strike and then counter where he left himself open. The piranhas died but their drones were a nuissance and the stealth suits lived. The deathrains did really well which surprised me. I really run them that way since I had converted some guys up special for that before and they aren't magnetized. I've also never killed Celestine before so I was really happy to see her die.

Overall it was a great game and the longest single games I have been in in 8th.
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Re: 2k Tau vs Imperial Guard

Post#2 » Jan 09 2018 11:55

I've noticed with 8th that shooting takes a while now and having two shooty armies go at it it takes even longer. My IG and Tau games have all been fairly longish, none of which got past turn 3 in tournament settings.

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Re: 2k Tau vs Imperial Guard

Post#3 » Jan 09 2018 01:24

I've noticed the same time element too in the last several games I've played. Most recently using eldar, but the last couple of games with tau mostly got as far as turn 3. And this against different opponents....

Hard to see why.

Is it the shooting or taking time to decide which stratagems to use?

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Re: 2k Tau vs Imperial Guard

Post#4 » Jan 10 2018 12:41

Part of the issue for my game was that my opponent had only played against Tau once before. My old stealth suits are similar to my fire warriors, my commander suits are just the old suits with some conversion work and the drones have no distinguishing marks for how they are grouped. So there was a lot of I'll overcharge my plasma on the stealth suits and then me politely reminding him that he was at a -1 to hit and then him reconsidering his options.

I do think it is the ranged part too that slows things down. My melee oriented white scars regularly end the game super quick. There's less room for an army to hold things in reserve and operate below peak efficiency cause my space mongols are coming in like a ton of bricks.

I'd also say the mission made the game go on longer. Asset wise I was way ahead of my opponent. However he was competitive in scoring. It made the game closer and made us analyze our moves more.
All empires fall you just have to know where to push

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