T'au 1000 Points vs World Eaters

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T'au 1000 Points vs World Eaters

Post#1 » Jan 28 2018 02:44

So, today I played a game against World Eaters, which was an interesting game. My list was this:


4x Fusion, 2x Gun Drones (176)

4x Plasma, 2x Gun Drones (136)

6x Fire Warriors:
Markerlight (51)

6x Fire Warriors:
Markerlight (51)

6x Fire Warriors:
Markerlight (51)

6x Pathfinders:
6x Markerlight, 2x Shield Drones, 1x Pulse Accelerator Drone (72)

5x Gun Drones (40)


Cadre Fireblade: [WARLORD]
Markerlight (42)

Cadre Fireblade:
Markerlight (42)

6x Fire Warriors:
Markerlight (51)

6x Fire Warriors:
Markerlight (51)

6x Fire Warriors:
Markerlight (51)

Sun Shark Bomber:
2x Seeker Missiles, 2x Missile Pods, 2x Interceptor Drones


Warlord Trait:
Exemplar of Mont'ka

PEN on fusion commander.

His list was, as I remember:

Exalted Champion

8x Berserkers with chainaxes + chainswords, 1x power fist on champion

8x Berserkers, same as above

2x Rhinos, no upgrades

10x Autogun Cultists

Contemptor Dread, Chainfist, some sort of cannon with 4 shots, str7 D2 Ap-2

Also a dark apostle and something called a Blood Slaughterer from forge world(has an impaler gun thing)

Mission & Deployment:

We rolled cleanse and control, and the diagonal deployment

The mission rules meant you had to split your force in 3 and randomize which one started on the board.
Unfortunately for me, the two commanders, the sunshark, a fire warrior squad, and the drones started on the board.
He started with the dark apostle and some berzerkers in a rhino. I castled up around my one of three objectives, and deployed the commanders just out of charge range if the berzerkers disembarked.

I got first turn and he failed to seize.

Turn 1

Fusion commander advanced and popped mont'ka to try dial shots into the rhino, was two inches short on the advance.
Plasma commander moved within 24" of the Rhino, drones behind for Saviour Protocols. Three more Strike Teams, both fireblades, and the pathfinder team came on.
Sunshark moved minimum, lining up for a bombing run on the contents of the Rhino.

Shooting started with a good five markerlights on the Rhino, despite several LOS blocking terrain pieces.

The Plasma Commander took off three wounds, with a lucky few wound rolls.
The Sunshark drones overcharged their ion rifles, which were in range, and gutted it, killing two berzerkers in the process.

World Eaters Turn

All the rest of his stuff came on, the other berzerkers and the Champ in the 2nd Rhino. The commanders were too far forwards, his Blood Slaughterer lining up a charge on my QFC. his shooting this turn took off two drones from next to the QFC, who was supported by the squad of five. The Contemptor did that. The impaler cannon missed.
His cultists camped on an objective. The other berzerkers were still ages away.

In his assault phase, a melta hit took off five wounds from the blood slaughterer, plasma took off two from the contemptor(extremely lucky roll) Contemptor promptly failed the charge. Blood slaughterer got in, almost killed the QFC, but three 6+ saves of which I all made(I was out of Saviour Protocol range) made sure he stuck around for another turn.

Turn 2

Fusion Commander fell back, Sun Shark passed over the Berzerkers from the destroyed rhino, bombing and killing five, leaving 1 alive, who later failed morale. Plasma took off four wounds from the contemptor, gun drones took 1.

Fusion killed the blood slaughterer, and the Sun Shark took some wounds off the rhino, not killing it, as it had popped smoke. All strike teams together did a smattering of wounds everywhere.

World Eaters Turn

He still didn't disembark from the Rhino, which was a bad decision, IMO. Contemptor ran after the plasma commander. Autogun Cultists almost took a wound off the Sunshark. Nothing else did anything. He then charged my plasma commander, leaving it on three wounds and killing two drones

Turn 3

Sun Shark killed seven cultists in it's bombing run. Fusion Commander slagged the rhino. Plasma commander fell back and killed the Contemptor, with assistance from drones.

Five markerlights were achieved on the Berserker squad inside, and were killed by fire from three strike teams. The Champion was killed by the other three. His three cultists ran away.

He conceded, only having his dark apostle and me having lost five drones and three wounds on a commander.


What Went Well?

The strike teams performed well for their cost. I was happy with their damage output combined with the fireblades and pulse accelerator. the MVP was the sunshark for killing a whole squad of berserkers and a 1.5 Rhinos.

Plasma was surprisingly good against the Contemptor.



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