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Discuss any rules that are confusing or bothering you.
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Welcome to Rules of Engagement

Post#1 » Jun 24 2009 10:35

Welcome to Rules of Engagement!

A place where you can ask about any rules that are confusing or bothering you. Post a polite, well written request and you should get a clear response from our experienced and well-read community. Before posting, however, there are some guidelines outlined below which we would draw your attention to;

Precise topic titles are best, they clearly specify the main topic for discussion.
Doing so should make it easier for others to find subjects when using the Search Function. "Another wee question..." tells us nothing about the content of the thread. "ASS: Affects Fall Back Move?" is much better.

Please do not post exact quotes or Stat-lines from GW rulebooks unless it is absolutely necessary.
Stat-lines include Weapon Stats of Range/Strength/AP value/no. of shots. Most folks on ATT know the various weapons in 40k, so there should be no need to post stats for said weapons. Similarly, stat-lines for units/characters should also not be posted in full.

If posting exact quotes is unavoidable, quote the exact page number and the title of the book, the title of the section, along with the year and place of publication, and the author(s) and publisher. This will be monitored closely, so do it properly, or just paraphrase.

But above all, before asking any question:
Read the codex!
Read the rulebook!
Read any relevant FAQs!
You often find most of the answers to your questions right there.

Replying to a rules question
It is equally necessary to research your answer first by checking the rulebook, the relevant codex/codices and/or the relevant FAQ(s). Post only what you "Know" to be right, please. Guesswork may only confuse things further! The ultimate aim of this particular board is to compile an FAQ for all Tau players, new and old, so we have an easy point of reference for tricky things that come up in the heat of battle. Every question is valid, but please read through the existing list of questions and answers (use the search function if you're stuck) before posting.

Finally: "Rules of Engagement" isn't really a place to discuss the validity or worth of certain rules. If you feel like discussing something along those lines then please do it in the Upper Concourse.
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