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Re: Formation units questions

Post#31 » Aug 19 2016 08:04

Vector Strike wrote:
ribbie wrote:I'm using the Hunter Contigent and have got for example 3 units of 2 broadsides each with splitfire. If I shoot with only one model from each unit to target A and with each second model in the broadside unit to target B do i get the coordinate fire power +1BS for both targets, because I got two times 3 units shooting on one target? ( double coordinate power with 3 units)

No. Coordinated Firepower happens only once per unit. The moment one of them wants to fire at a target, you must declare which target will be the one to suffer Coordinated Firepower - the other targets won't be affected in any way from the rule. You can repeat this for each unit that didn't participated in any previous Coordinated Firepower.

As a tip, you don't need Target Lock for every Broadside! You'd save 15p this way

Thanks! Yeah I know i don't need target locks on each model, I just said it in the wrong way :)

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Re: Formation units questions

Post#32 » Mar 05 2017 08:24

I'm running a Riptide Wing formation in my army in regards to this formation, it doesn't have a specific distance between units as to activate the riptide

1. Can i put those 3 riptides on separate locations, say more than 20" of each other and still be able to use riptide hailfire rule?

2. If i deploy 2 riptide but put 1 in reserve, once i bring that 1 riptide from reserve, does this count that these 3 riptides still in 'riptide wing' formation?

3. If one of my riptide goes down (left with 2), can i still use riptide hailfire later if i have not used it yet?

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