Do Ethereal Powers Work Inside of a Devilfish?

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Do Ethereal Powers Work Inside of a Devilfish?

Post#1 » Jul 27 2016 12:36

I couldn’t find this question addressed since the release of the new FAQs. With the new FAQ from GW, does an ethereal’s Invocation of Elements work while they are inside of a devilfish?

I was playing a game last night where I had an ethereal inside of a devilfish and used Storm of Fire to boost some fire warriors right next to it. I was told that if we play by the new FAQs that were released on GW’s Facebook page, then the ethereal needs to be outside of his transport. I’ve paraphrased the FAQs in question:

Transport’s FAQs Q#3: When a unit embarks on a vehicle it is taken off the battlefield and doesn’t interact with anything. The exception being if the vehicle has something like firing points.

Psychic Phase FAQs Q#2: Non-psychic powers cannot be used by models inside of Transports unless specifically noted otherwise.

Is there a section of the Tau codex that allows ethereals to override these FAQs? Sticking an ethereal in a devilfish seems like fairly common tactic but I haven’t seen it addressed since the new FAQs came out. If this topic was brought up in another thread, please point me in the right direction.

Thank you for the clarification!
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Re: Do Ethereal Powers Work Inside of a Devilfish?

Post#2 » Jul 27 2016 01:19

RAW, there's nothing in the Invocation of the Elements ability that specifically says it works from inside a transport, so as far as I can tell an Ethereal would have to be outside the Devilfish to use it.

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Re: Do Ethereal Powers Work Inside of a Devilfish?

Post#3 » Jul 27 2016 01:21

No they have no special rule that overrides the FAQs (obviously since they are even directly adressed in the Psychic Phase FAQ).

The reason why some people still play it like that is because before the FAQ it was possible to do it like that and people either don't know they can't anymore or they decided to ignore the draft FAQ until it's actually released on their homepage as finished version.

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