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Community Comp Points

Post#1 » Aug 03 2016 08:26

I don't know how far it has spread, but my local gaming scene uses a system called Community Comp Points alongside the ITC list-building limitations. I'm curious to see what everyone thinks of it, whether it is liked or disliked and more importantly, why.

For those who don't know what community comp points is, it's a secondary scoring system that helps limit the number of powerful units a player can take in their army. Semi-powerful units get a point value, and the more powerful units get cumulative points values, and they add up quickly.

I threw together a list a while ago and currently its what I'm building toward to get my model count off the ground, and I recently ran it through the CCP system to find that it came in only just under the limit. That list is:

1850 points
Hunter Cadre
1x Commander; Drone controller, Vectored-retro thrusters, 2 Marker drones.
1x Crisis team; 3 Crisis with CiB, Plasma and Counterfire, 1 Shas'vre with CCN, M3S.
3x Strike Teams; 4 Warriors, 1 Shas'ui, Missile turret.
1x Iontide, Stims, Missiles, Counterfire.
1x Broadside team; 2 Missilesides, Counterfire, 1 Missile'vre, Counterfire.
1x Drone team; 2 Shield, 6 Marker.
Optimised Stealth Cadre
2x Stealth team; 2x Burst suits, 1x Fusion suits.
1x Ghostkeel team; 3x Ionkeels, Burst Cannons, 2 Target Locks, 1 Counterfire.

I like this list, it's fairly all round and still has a few flavours of cheese in it because, lets be honest, no one plays this game aiming to lose. I was surprised that it came under the requirement given how many strong units are in it and what I saw on tables last time I observed a tournament.

Please Don't comment on the army list, that's not why I'm posting this topic. I want to know: who has heard of Community Comp Points, what people think of it and why.

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Re: Community Comp Points

Post#2 » Aug 03 2016 11:02

Could you post the rules for Community Comp? Or at least a link? I've never heard of the system but it sounds interesting.


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Re: Community Comp Points

Post#3 » Aug 03 2016 11:03

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Re: Community Comp Points

Post#4 » Aug 04 2016 08:27

From what I know of it the Community Comp point system is mostly an Australian thing or at least grew out of the efforts of some Australian 40k players in an attempt to balance competition play with out having to nerf specific rules.

It adds another dimension to list building for tournaments, and one of the downsides is the additional book keeping that goes with it, but overall I think it does a reasonable job at keeping things more competitive. You can still turn up to a tournament with a list of hard cheddar and win all of your games but because of the way the Comp point system works you'll get your tourney points handicapped and you're unlikely to win the tournament overall - effectively you would "Win every battle but loose the war".

If you spend some time going over the comp points system you'll notice that it specifically targets certain combinations of units and in particular stacking single types of units or units that all foster a single strategy. When you try to build a list to minimise comp points you end up with very "social" list and so there's a balancing act that people do to try and remain competitive per game but not to much so as to compromise their chances over all in a tourney.

I don't normally take part in tournaments but even socially we use the comp point system to gauge our lists and as a method of giving fair warning to each other when we're planning on trying out a particularly viscious list :-)

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