are Barracuda Cyclic Ion Blasters long barreled?

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are Barracuda Cyclic Ion Blasters long barreled?

Post#1 » Aug 20 2016 10:55

Hey there again!

sorry for flooding the board with all those barracuda threads.

I just recieved my barracuda and took a look into the assembly instructions.
The Ion Blasters are listed as "long-barreled Cyclic Ion Blasters"

In the rules the option only lists them as autotargeting CIBs, no long-barreled.
When I first red the rules I noticed the CIBs not being long-barreled, and I wondered why. No I think that this might just be an issue with the rules and in reality the authors intendet the cibs to be long-barreled.
But what exactly are long-barreled CIBs?

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Re: are Barracuda Cyclic Ion Blasters long barreled?

Post#2 » Aug 20 2016 11:13

They don't exist in the rules, currently. FW does not have the best record of coordinating its rules with its fluff or building instructions. The wargear of the AX-5-2 is specified in the rules one can download from FW and do not include 'long-barreled cyclic ion blasters'.

This has been addressed elsewhere, so I'm going to lock this thread.


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