Markerlights and the Stormsurge

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Re: Markerlights and the Stormsurge

Post#11 » Oct 08 2016 08:56

Unicornsilovethem wrote:The most natural interpretation imo is that one "shooting attack" equals shooting once with all normally allowed weapons, at a single target unless special rules allow otherwise.

I agree with this, and Gargantuan Creatures do indeed have a special rule otherwise. But let's explore an alternative, where a "shooting attack" is just a single set of named weapons from a unit firing at a target.

If that were the case, it wouldn't make sense for Pinpoint to say "for the duration of the shooting attack". Since only one set of named weapons in the unit is being fired, it doesn't have much of a duration.

It would also mean the Stormsurge's anchor rule would let it fire a weapon at one unit, and immediately fire it again at the same or a different unit. I believe the current ruling in FAQs and the ITC is that Gargantuan Creatures must declare all attacks and resolve them. In the case of the Stormsurge's anchors, it declares the first set of attacks, and then can declare the second separately once the first has been resolved.

Edit: In addition, "for the duration of the shooting attack" means that Pinpoint only affects one set of named weapons for the unit. Other weapons shot don't get the bonus, even if they were firing at the same unit. That does not seem to be RAI.

It's not a slam dunk, but it does appear to fit better if '"shooting attack' equals shooting once with all normally allowed weapons". Circling back, this means Pinpoint's bonus applies to all weapons on a model fired at any target, as long as at least one of them was fired at a unit with markerlights to remove. It also means that bonus does not carry over to the Stormsurge's second set of shots.

Further edits:

After looking over the latest draft FAQ:


Each markerlight counter is spent to provide a specific bonus or affect against a single unit

The question being answered was about Split Fire, but this sentence would clearly affect how Gargantuan Creatures shoot with markerlights. So if the draft FAQ is in effect, then you can't boost the Stormsurge's attacks on other units this way.

Interestingly, it would still mean the Pinpoint bonus does not carry over into the second shooting attack by a Stormsurge. This ruling nerfs the Stormsurge.

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Re: Markerlights and the Stormsurge

Post#12 » Oct 09 2016 03:22

frezik wrote:
pilky wrote:Sure, but the second target is not the target which had the marker lights on, which breaks the rule on markerlights and therefore the firer gets no benefit.

In the current rules, there is nothing that says that.

The key in Pinpoint is "for the duration of the shooting attack". Since the Stormsurge's anchor rule specifically says it can make a second shooting attack, a "shooting attack" must include all the weapons being fired by the model. This normally wouldn't apply outside of Gargantuan Creatures and their special firing rules.

If a "shooting attack" covered only a single weapon at a time, then I would agree. In such a case, though, the Stormsurge's anchor rule would only allow firing a single weapon twice. That's generally not how it's played.

I don't intend to play this way at all. It's the sort of thing that will make more people hate Tau even more. But it is RAW.

You mean except the bits in both the Pinpoint and the Scour marker light abilities that state they only affect the target? RAW matches the way you intend to play, it's just for some reason you're choosing to ignore parts of the RAW to make some unknown point ;)

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