Infiltrate and joining units during deployment (post FAQ)

A review of Rules of Engagement from earlier encounters.
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Re: Infiltrate and joining units during deployment (post FAQ)

Post#21 » Dec 16 2016 05:10

Panzer wrote:
Ell'ran wrote:
Panzer wrote:Imo they just used 'Infiltrator' because it's the easiest way to name a unit with the Infiltrate USR. By using a single word that is.

Well then they shouldn't have done the "easiest" thing, and instead should have been clear as to what they were talking about. Poor wording creates problems for the entire 40k community, and they really should know that by now.

They shouldn't have done a lot of things...for example writing the rules unclear in the first place. However it's still GW we are talking about. ;)

GW sometimes prefer a flowing writing style to precision and clarity - I sometimes wish they would not do this but I have been playing games long enough to know that most of the games that took a more precise approach to language have come and gone during the time that 40K has continued to be played.

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