LoS Rules for Intercept & Overwatch

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LoS Rules for Intercept & Overwatch

Post#1 » Feb 01 2017 03:43

This is a question for ITC games and how line of sight (LoS) restricts intercept or overwatch shooting. I have played games before where opponents said if they deepstrike behind my riptide then I can't intercept the unit because it is not within ITC interpreted LoS...

The big rule book says Line of Sight can be drawn from any part of the model. This suggest infantry have 360 vision since you could draw LoS from their back to an enemy behind them (prior editions also had infantry having 360 vision).

ITC says LoS must be drawn from the model's eyes (or closest equivalent). Does this suggest infantry only have 180 vision and have to be looking at the target? This comes into concern for firing intercept weapons or firing overwatch. Both are only allowed to happen if the target is within LoS and given pivoting of models happens in the movement phase (I believe prior editions said you could also pivot while shooting, but 7th no longer does) this means if a model deep strikes behind you or assaults you from behind you can not intercept or fire overwatch.

The only other way I see around it is if you claim you can draw a line from a model's eyes through the back of its head at a target behind the model, but that is unclear if ITC would allow this when it says LoS is from a model's eyes...

How have you played intercept LoS interpretation in the ITC format? I find it unlikely that ITC meant to nerf intercept and overwatch in this manner, but havent gotten a response from them to clarify. Interested to know if I am missing something that makes this clearer or if the community at large is playing it one way or another.

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Re: LoS Rules for Intercept & Overwatch

Post#2 » Feb 13 2017 03:57

This isn't Warmahordes or Infinity where models have 180 LOS arcs (which can be all kinds of hell), if that's how it works we'd have seen it all over the tourney circuit. If they're really going to be adamant about it, slap another head on the back with the glory of Counts-As. The Tau are an adaptive race after all, if the ambushes keep happening they'd take security measures.

If they're going to argue about LOS from eyes, it's going to get really subjective really fast. Technically battlesuits don't have eyes at all.

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