Question on instant death

A review of Rules of Engagement from earlier encounters.
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Re: Question on instant death

Post#11 » Feb 14 2017 04:53

Well you you could. However there aren't that many T4 units with multiple wounds around I fear. :D
I personally prefer the Blastcannon since it makes you move your StormSurge around a lot more. I hate gunlines almost as much as I hate deathstars.
Also the threat of suddenly moving from S10 AP3 range into SD AP1 range often scares the *BAD WORD DELETED!* out of people. :D

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Re: Question on instant death

Post#12 » Feb 14 2017 05:18

Thank you from me as well. I've been diddled out of my saving throw for my Commander in our last game.
Great question Blade Runner.

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Re: Question on instant death

Post#13 » Feb 14 2017 07:06

If you want to try both options, glue the back section of the Stormsurges gun on, i prefer the one with the piping, then either use the drive or blast as the front section. Doesnt need glue or magnets as it just slots in.

I prefer the driver cannon due to 'reliable' str 10, also fast armies can stay out of the D range quite easily and you cant take advantage of the anchor ability.

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Re: Question on instant death

Post#14 » Feb 15 2017 02:33

Thanks for the advice. I'm actually currently molding the back half to cast, so that I can have both full guns and then magnetize. I don't really like the look of changing out the front of the guns.

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