Overcharging + Modifiers

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Overcharging + Modifiers

Post#1 » Sep 16 2017 12:58

So, I was considering modifiers in addition to overcharging. One of the major strengths of a -1 to hit modifier is it impacting the likelyhood your enemy will nuke themselves if they overcharge their Plasma/Ion. Does this work the other way? I know it says in the BRB that any to hit roll of a 1 is still a fail, regardless of modifier. However it doesn't actually say it ignores the modifier, just that the shot fails. Does this mean that a +1 to hit modifier would still negate the Overcharging from nuking your own units, turning 1's into 2's that fail because they were natural 1's? Would this mean that 5 markerlights makes Ion completely safe or the Flyer with +1 to hit ground targets could always overcharge without fear when firing at appropriate targets? I think it's perfectly reasonable to think the BRB would impede this, but I wondered what other players think?? If a space marine had a +1 to hit modifier while armed with Plasmas, could he overcharge without fear??

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Re: Overcharging + Modifiers

Post#2 » Sep 16 2017 10:48

Yup, if you have a hit modifier of +1 (and assuming no negative modifiers) then the firing model doesn't die. The shot still doesn't hit though; a natural roll of a one is a fail whether you have modifiers or not.

I'm pretty sure that's an accepted rule and was covered in one of the FAQs but can't remember which one off the top of my head.

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Re: Overcharging + Modifiers

Post#3 » Sep 17 2017 01:06

And by the way.
Can anyone explain the logic behind?

Rerolls and modifiers could be somehow logically explained as below:
Rerolls are used on raw dice result as its model skill. Modifiers are used later on as its more situation and enemy model skill.

So why the hell modifier will decide if you are unlucky and your weapon will explode or that you are so lucky that you have no chance to explode?


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Re: Overcharging + Modifiers

Post#4 » Sep 17 2017 05:40

You always have a chance to explode when you overcharge a weapon. A dice can't be modified below 1 with positive to-hit modifier.

One explanation of why a negative modifier can make it more likely to let your weapon explode could be that since ther target is harder to hit (due moving fast, stink clouds, stealth technology or whatever) the user tends to compensate it by shooting more often which of course increases the risk of using an overcharged weapon.
Keep in mind that the dice we roll isn't everything that actually happens on the battlefield. In reality there would be a lot more shooting inbetween etc.

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Re: Overcharging + Modifiers

Post#5 » Sep 17 2017 06:11

Panzer wrote:You always have a chance to explode when you overcharge a weapon. A dice can't be modified below 1 with positive to-hit modifier.

Not with a +1 modifier.

Another explanation would be that overcharged weapons do not fire instantly, they take a second or two to get into overcharged state, and the longer you wait with firing them the larger is the probability that it explodes.

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