Grav-Drones vs Charge Rerolls?

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Grav-Drones vs Charge Rerolls?

Post#1 » Sep 23 2017 04:29

Hello everyone,

could you knowing guys explain to me how the interaction between Grav-Drones and Charge Rerolls plays out?

Yesterday, a unit of mine was charged by an enemy unit within the aura of my Grav-Drone. The enemy unit was capable of rerolling failed charges. The unit succeeded the charge roll, barely. However, with the Grav-Drone kicking in, the charge ultimately failed. Does my opponent get to reroll the charge, or not?

Thank you and cheers,

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Re: Grav-Drones vs Charge Rerolls?

Post#2 » Sep 23 2017 05:52

Well re-rolls are before modifier.
I still think the wording is not 100% clear for re-roll effects that say "failed to-hit" or "failed charge" etc. since you can only really determine if something failed after applying modifier ... buuuut most of the community on any forum seems to have accepted by now that it means "failed based on your unmodified dice roll" despite what weird situations it would create.

So in your example, he rolled his charge roll. He rolled high enough to reach your unit without modifier, right? Means his charge is successfull by the time re-rolls are allowed. Then your modifier kicks in and despite him not being able to reach your unit he can't re-roll anymore because it's already after the re-roll step.

For reference: the FAQ/Errata clarified that re-rolls are to be done before modifier. It doesn't specify which kind of re-rolls (e.g. "re-roll rolls of 1s" or "re-roll failed rolls") so RAW it counts for everything even if it doesn't fit.

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