Eternal War rules vs Infiltrators

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Eternal War rules vs Infiltrators

Post#1 » Jan 30 2018 04:20

Hi there,

just a quick question:
The Eternal War rules state Quote explicitly that Units Must be deployed in the Players own deployment zones.
The Infiltrate rule allows a Unit that is affected by it to deploy anywhere on the battlefield outside of the Opponents deployment Zone (and 9 Inches from Enemy Models).
Is this a case of Special rule Beats General rule. And what would be the Special and what the General rule in this case?

Specifically: am I allowed to deploy my Stealth Team next to the Relic in the corresponding Eternal War Mission?

Cheers and thanks,

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Re: Eternal War rules vs Infiltrators

Post#2 » Jan 30 2018 05:22

Abilities on the datasheets supersedes the core rules in some cases, this being one of them. So yes, you can deploy the stealth suits anywhere as long as you follow the parameters specified in Infiltrators ability :)

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Re: Eternal War rules vs Infiltrators

Post#3 » Feb 02 2018 06:58

Infiltration (Special rule) supercedes the general rule of deployment.
Infiltration is 12" from enemy models by the way (not 9")

Specifically: yes you may deploy them next to the relic as long as you don't violate the 12" away from enemy models or any other rule that way.

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