Eal'ta - Excel Army List for Tau Army (WIP)

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Re: Eal'ta - Excel Army List for Tau Army (WIP)

Post#191 » Jul 26 2013 11:07

If I may ask, is there any reason why you would prefer this in an excel spreadsheet?
There used to be a lot of arguments over actually buying a license akin to Army Builder.
But I have even switched over from AB to Battlescribe.

Might be something to look into.
Our every own Amis has written a guide on battlescribe and he produces the latest datasets for it as well.
You can find more details in his thread here:

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Re: Eal'ta - Excel Army List for Tau Army (WIP)

Post#192 » Jul 27 2013 06:14

I finally picked up a copy of the new codex yesterday. It has been a couple of years since I played last and I remember how useful the original excel sheet was in teaching me to put together a legal list.

I thought of army builder as I already use hearo labs but being short of cash at the moment I thought the excel solution would be the best.

Will have a look at that link. Thanks :)

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