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Re: Rules VDR Calculator

Post#51 » May 28 2009 06:15

Why wont it let me make a proper Manta??

Name Points Front Armour Side Armour Rear Armour BS
Manta 1686 12 11 10 3
Flyer Size:
War machine Speed:
16 x Long-barrelled Burst Cannon
3 x Twin-linked Long-barrelled Ion Cannon
1 x Twin-linked Long-barrelled Mega Titan-killer Railgun (with Submunitions)
1 x Twin-linked Missile Pod
Special Options:
Transport 56
1 x Tau field
Orbital lander
Escape Pods
Vehicle Category:
War machine
Structure Points:

It wouldn't let me make the armour values or transport capacity higher. Also there are no Markerlights or seekers...
But I gues if you want a cheap Manta, here it is...
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Re: Rules VDR Calculator

Post#52 » May 29 2009 03:51

The VDR is for custom stuff. Forge world uses their own version I think and tweaks things.

For example, VDR - LB Burst Canon = 27" FW - LB BC = 36"

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Re: Rules VDR Calculator

Post#53 » Dec 01 2009 06:29

OK, looking at this I see an option and the very bottom called 'Tau Escape Pods.' What are these?

EDIT: Thanks, Peregine!
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Re: Rules VDR Calculator

Post#54 » Dec 01 2009 06:52

Militant.Jester wrote:OK, looking at this I see an option and the very bottom called 'Tau Escape Pods.' What are these?

I'm not 100% sure if this is what the VDR rules are referring to, as they seem to use some old terms/rules, but Tau fliers have an escape pod for the crew. It works kind of like the ejection system for battlesuits, you place the pod marker, scatter like deep striking (and if it goes off the table edge, it counts as escaped), then get a couple crew models. They're not really useful in combat, but it can save you the kill point if you keep them alive.

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