Welcome to Project Logs

Post long term projects you have devised for your Tau or other hobby projects.
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Welcome to Project Logs

Post#1 » Jul 28 2009 12:46

Welcome to Project Logs!

Here you can post your large scale projects, such as Cadre work in progress or massive Tau units like Orcas and so on. Using this as a project diary while you construct and paint them to obtain critique or ask for advice from an ATT Community filled with top level hobby talent.

Guidelines :

    - This forum is for long term diaries about your hobby undertaking for fans to follow.
    - Do not post query topics. These will be deleted. Only post actual Project Log topics.
    - Small scale single miniature topics will be moved to either Painting or Modelling as required.
    - Create easily understood topic titles. Adjust these to reflect updates or pauses in your progress.
    - Accompanying photographs should be of the best quality you can provide. No out-of-focus shots, please.
    - For now, no Alternate Armies or Systems are allowed. [Under Review]
    - The Project Logs will not include works of Fiction or Codex projects for example. Start these in the appropriate Academy sections.

We look forward to watching your progress and commenting as your Project takes shape!
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