[Wolfs16's Tau Log] The ARC-16's (COMPLETE)

Post long term projects you have devised for your Tau or other hobby projects.
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Re: [Wolfs16's Tau Log] The ARC-16's (COMPLETE)

Post#613 » Sep 07 2010 07:25

I'm going to miss this thread *wipes a tear*.

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Re: [Wolfs16's Tau Log] The ARC-16's (COMPLETE)

Post#614 » Sep 07 2010 10:19

amazing work! this truly awe-inspiring tale has finally reached completion. I eagerly await your next big project, as both your skills as a hobbyist and as a writer are an inspiration to the community
Great work Wolfs!
Let's see that XV-9 now!

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Re: [Wolfs16's Tau Log] The ARC-16's (COMPLETE)

Post#615 » Sep 07 2010 10:30

YAY for WOLF16!

Totaly fantastic looking final army shot my friend.

I really cant think of anything else to say that has not already been said. Just a great bit :eek: and WOW from me :)

And also always, cant wait to see what you come up with next :D

The Mighty Kroot Power Gamer!

Ah yes, ya gotta love it

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Re: [Wolfs16's Tau Log] The ARC-16's (COMPLETE)

Post#616 » Sep 08 2010 05:00

Thanks for the good vibes everyone! It was a real accomplishment to finish this part of the army and I know I could only have done it with the help of all the members here on ATT. :D

Glad you saw the light with the Hammherhead! I am really pleased with it now that it is done. Count on seeing this guy again soon though...

Thanks for the kind words man! As I said, you were a huge inspiration for me. You can count on me continuing our little unofficial competition soon. ;)

Just so everyone knows, I have Stickied this thread. This is not because I think I'm great, it's just that I believe this thread shows what can be accomplished when posts are well constructed and members are clearly given ideas on what to help with. This thread is not just about me and my cadre, but it is a great example of why ATT is so awesome. Thanks again guys!

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