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shadow kat
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Re: T'au 26th Tactical interdiction Cadre [WIP] -hammerhead done

Post#51 » Jun 07 2012 10:57

Hey guys.

This next post may see me branded as a traitor but I feel obligated to show what has been taking up my time. So here is some decidedly un-Tau hobby.

May I present my Black Templar Terminator assault squad "Hammer of Dorn"


And my terminator armoured Castellan



These guys are part of a vow over on the Bolter and chainsword for the Templars Crusade expansion aswell as the E Tenebrae Lux Dark angels painting challenge.

As always, let me know what you guys think, good or bad :fear:

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Re: T'au 26th Tactical interdiction Cadre [WIP] -hammerhead done

Post#52 » Jun 07 2012 11:09

Now where is that 'ban' button.... :P

Nice job on the Templars! Very dynamic and life like. I've always hated Termies that were posed with their arms straight up and down. They look like they are just standing there! I must also say that I love the effect you achieved on the Lightning Claws! Is that the same technique as your Plasma Hammerhead?

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shadow kat
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Re: T'au 26th Tactical interdiction Cadre - templar terminators

Post#53 » Jun 07 2012 07:46

Thanks wolfs. There was some cutting and greenstuffing involved to alter a few of their poses to try and avoid the standard issue "terminator pose". I have a bunch of the old out of print clip together terminators that are all identical. While I have more than enough of the them to use for game's, I had to buy new terminator sets just because I couldn't stand to use the old ones.

The Lightning claws are a similar concept but with some modifications. The effect on the storm shields and thunder hammers are closer to the plasma head.

I tried a bunch of new things on these models and each model is absolutely LOADED with detail so they were interesting to paint. I'm still considering whether or not I should apply a gloss varnish to the claws or thunder hammers. What do you think?

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Aun Tier
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Re: T'au 26th Tactical interdiction Cadre - templar terminators

Post#54 » Jun 08 2012 07:20

Blasphemy! He hath forsaken the Tau'va! ;)

I like what you've done with the poses of your Black Templars models (even if they aren't Tau). The shields are very detailed, and the highlights on the armour are quite effective. I can't quite tell because his shoulder is facing away, but is the right shoulder pad of the middle left Terminator different to the rest? It looks like it might be a squad leader marking perhaps? Whatever the case, It looks really cool from the little I can see. If you take any more pictures of them, could you show the Shoulder Pad please? :biggrin:

I've been following your cadre for a little while now, but I think that this is actually my first post in your thread, so I'll give my thoughts on your Tau force as well.
The tribal patterns on your ranked soldiers and vehicles look stunning and are a really creative way to add personality to your cadre. I'm also impressed by how you've worked the T'au colour scheme. I was detered from going with the primary scheme for the Tau because it felt unoriginal, but I'm really amazed by how much personality you've managed to put into your force by just a small thing as changing the colour of the shoulder pad.
It's a hard job to pull off the cover scheme for an army and still make it seem fresh, but you've easily achieved this, and even managed to make your army look more unique than most of the original schemes that I've seen.

Overall, a fantastic job shadow kat. I'm really looking forward to the next batch of models you post.
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shadow kat
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Re: T'au 26th Tactical interdiction Cadre - templar terminators

Post#55 » Jun 08 2012 09:53

Lies! I havent forsaken the Tau'va, Just taken a small hiatus :P

You cant really tell from the group photo but every shoulder pad is in fact slightly different. If youd like, ill pull the terminators out and take some quick photos from the side.

Thank you for the kind words Aun Tier :D . Its always encouraging to get feedback on your work (whether good or bad). Im glad you like the scheme. It was a bit of a risk when I first started doing it (especially the tribal markings :eek: ) but im pretty happy with how its turned out :) .

Thanks for following along Aun Tier. I hope you'll drop by again for a chat :D

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shadow kat
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Re: T'au 26th Tactical interdiction Cadre - templar terminators

Post#56 » Jun 12 2012 08:49

Greetings gentlemen

After some recent unfounded allegations that I had abandoned the greater good ( we wont name names here :P ) I felt it necessary to prove my dedication again So I have two updates for you today One is the first part of a short story to shed some light on the events on Embras. Those of you with a keen eye might recognize one the characters (used with much gratitude and with permission from the original Author :biggrin: ). Free cookie for whoever can name the character and where he's from!

The second part is my most major conversion to date. scroll down to see more.

First up, the story


+++ Establishing connection: standby……… +++

+++ Uplink Established +++

+++ Please enter identity verification details +++

< Identification: ****** ******
< Authentication Sequence 1: *********
< Authentication Sequence 2: ***********

+++ Processing: Standby…… +++

+++ Account verified: Access granted +++

+++ Welcome Shas’[UNDISCLOSED] +++
+++ Loading Database, Please enter function +++

< Search file: Incident 173 Embras ---

+++ Querying….. +++

+++ ACCESS DENIED. Aun’Vre clearance or above required, returning +++

+++ Please enter function +++

< Run sequence from terminal: Cipher 1 ---

+++ Processing: Please standby….. +++

+++ MALICIOUS SOFTWARE DETECTED, Initiating system lockdo- +++

+++ - +++

+++ Processing: Please standby….. +++

+++ Processing….. +++

+++ Pr%ces(ing….. +++

+++ - +++

+++ Special access permissions granted to account: Shas’[UNDISCLOSED] +++
+++ Loading File: Incident 173 Embras +++


File type: Audio log and transcript

Subject: Unit Debriefing

Location: Planet Embras, Primary Dock station, command bunker:

Debriefed Element(s): T’au 26th Tactical Interdiction Cadre, Fire team Dier:
Shas’Ui T’au Dier (Absent)
Shas’La T’au Er’ath (Absent)
Shas’La T’au Cal’Nars (Absent)
Shas’La T’au Vash
Shas’La T’au Kress (Absent)
Shas’La T’au Li’Sun’yi (Absent)
Shas’La T’au Cha (Absent)
Shas’La T’au Var’eth (Absent)
Shas’La T’au Beram(Absent)

Conducting officer(s): Shas’El Vior’La Kais Vel’ar


++Data recording initiated++

“Shas’La, wake up”

“….I am not asleep…”

“Shas’La, I am Shas’El Vior’La Kais Vel’ar. I have been sent to ascertain the events that took place at station 3F roughly six rotaa ago.”


“Shas’La, Will you speak with me?”

“Six rotaa? Is that all its been?..... Sands, it feels like a kai’rotaa since I last slept, since I last left this room ….. I will speak with you Shas’El Vior’La Kais Vel’ar, what do you wish to know?”

“Have a seat Shas’La. Have you been tended too? Do you require nourishment?”

“Ha… have I been tended to? The Fio have examined me more closely now than when I was admitted to the academy. What do you wish to know Shas’El?

“You and your la’rua were dispatched to research station 3F along the equatorial magma flow correct?”


“Do you recall why you were ordered there?”


“Then perhaps you could tell me?”

“Are they still going on outside? I can’t hear their rumble anymore. Did they stop? Or did this bunker get deeper?”

“Did what stop, Shas’La…?

“The storms! The lightning the wind the dust the howl, did they stop?!?”

“The Research station, Shas’La. Why were you sent to research station 3F”

“… to find death …”

“You were sent to 3F in order to secure the Fio and assist them during the storms were you not?”

“That we were Shas’El”

“And what did you find there Shas’La T’au Vash?”

“Like I said, Shas’El. We found Death…”

“Vash, Focus. I need you to remember details. What happened at the station? What happened to your team?”

“*sigh* ……. The details are all I can remember Shas’El, the details are what keep me awake.
We had been on Embras only a few Rotaa and already had our fill of these storms. There was never a moments peace, everything was cold, everything was wet. Most of the Fio and Kor at the primary Docking yards looked as if they hadn’t slept in cycles.
We were ordered to Station 3F by Shas’El T’au Du’Eio’Eldi. Having spent the previous light cycles battling a failing power grid, The Shas’El decided to send us to 3F to assist the isolated station before they were cut off entirely.

The nine of us boarded a devilfish and set off into the night. I can still hear the rolling sound of the thunder. It felt as if the atmosphere was being torn open again and again while the wind stirred up the ash wastes into a thick black maelstrom. It felt like we were cutting through murky black water rather than riding on the surface. You couldn’t even see past the nose of the devilfish from the top hatch. The pilot practically had to drive on sensor spines alone.

About half a dec before we reached the facility, we finally managed to pick up 3F’s comm signal. Shas’Ui Dier informed the lead Fio that we would be arriving shortly.”

“Did the Fio sound distressed?”

“Distressed? The Fio’s only distress was at our approach. He felt insulted at having a Fire team sent to babysit his station. He made it particularly clear that we weren’t required but he would indulge the Shas’El’s sense of caution and “accommodate” us anyway. He was also quite clear that we not interfere with what he described as "highly sensitive" work taking place at the facility”

“And what did you find when you arrived Shas’La?”

“After our conversation with the belligerent Fio, we lost the comm signal to the storm again.
We pressed on through the howling gale as ash and debris buffeted the hull until suddenly, there was silence…. In an instant we emerged from the rolling black cloud of ash into a world of abrupt stillness. We gazed back through the rear displays to see the churning sea of ash still raging behind us but refusing to cross an invisible threshold. It lingered on its border like an imposing black wall of living darkness. ahead in the distance though, we spotted the research station.

Shas’Ui Dier gave the order to ready gear and we dismounted outside of the compound. The station was made up of two dozen buildings encircled by a security wall. The cabin of the devilfish hissed as the rear hatch popped releasing the pressurized environment. We stepped out onto the ash to find the air unnervingly calm. After the last few rotaa of battling incessant gales, the stillness of the air felt foreign. I gazed up into the sky and for the first time found something besides ash choked clouds. I could see stars, set against a mesmerizing back drop of azure blue light. The sky was still wracked by violent stabbing lightning strikes but the thunder no longer threatened to shake the flesh from your bones. It now seemed calmer and somehow distant, as if you were watching it through a screen, detached from its rage.

With nobody in sight to meet us, Shas’Ui Dier attempted to raise the Fio again.
There was no response, Even over short range comms. With no signs of a struggle and the wall Auto turrets still operational and scanning outside the compound for targets, we proceeded inside.”

”What did you find Shas’La?”

“Shas’Ui Dier left Shas’La Er’ath, Kress and Cal,Nars along with the pilot to safeguard the devilfish while we entered the compound...

“Shas’La! focus, what did you find in the compound"

“I have already told you, Shas’El.
We. Found. Death
We came across the lead Fio first.
His still smouldering remains were pressed against the interior side of the compound gate. Most of his skin had been burnt away leaving a sickening mess of bubbled flesh clinging lazily to blackened bone. Despite the ruin of his body though, his blood soaked uniform remained completely unsinged. His corpse told the story of his final moments, is fingers were still arched, pressed against the scratch covered bulkhead as if still trying to claw his way out…..

Can you believe it Shas’El? Only half a dec before he had been indignant over the idea that we were coming to protect him. And only half a dec later he was dead, Burnt alive wishing we had made it, his last thoughts of our failure…”

“So the station was silent when you arrived. what of the rest of the staff, Shas’La?”

“We advanced cautiously along the compounds wide unpaved pathways. Everywhere we turned though, horror awaited us. The night was dark but the lightning strikes bathed everything in an obscene white glow. I wanted to look away with every flash of light, avert my gaze, unwilling to face the harshly illuminated horror around me. Along one path we found half a dozen Fio lined neatly against a wall. They stood crouched on their knees with their shoulders slumped and heads forward, each of their foreheads with a single identically placed wound.
Upon turning the very next corner we found another group of three Fio. Two of them savagely beaten with every bone in their body shattered and the third with a Tau utility knife lodged in his chest. As we progressed we came across scenes of ordered execution and scenes of untold savagery. Whatever did this had fickle taste for its methods of dealing death….

“So you found no survivors?”

“No Shas’El, only death”

“How did you and your team react to the situation?”

“We were mortified. None of us spoke, there was nothing that could be said about what we were witnessing. Even Li’Sun’yi stayed uncharacteristically quiet. Only Shas’Ui dier managed to stay fully composed as he struggled to keep us on task sweeping the compound.

“Did you find any signs of the stations attackers during your search?”

“No… I counted a total of thirty seven dead Fio and one Por. Some killed with blades, some crushed, some burned and even some with wounds consistent with pulse weaponry, But no sign of their killers.”

“So you completed your sweep of the compound and found no survivors. What did you do next?

“There was nothing more we could do for the Fio and we had no idea what we were facing. Shas’Ui Dier had continually tried to reach Shas’El Du’Eio’Eldi but to no avail. He ordered us to regroup with the devilfish team then find some way to contact central. We turned around and moved hastily along the most direct path to the transport. We moved in single file with our weapons raised and at the ready. I was following behind Li’Sun’yi when she turned back to look at me, as if about to say something. A bolt of lightning flashed and I shut my eyes to flinch. When I opened them again, She was gone, everyone was... I spun around and went to raise my pulse rifle but it wasn’t in my hands!”

“Your saying that your team and the weapon in your hands simply vanished Shas’La? Into thin air??”

“I only blinked! There she was, looking straight at me, and then ……… my eyes shut for an instant and they were all gone ….
If I hadn’t closed my eyes maybe……..
I only blinked Shas’El…….


The second part will follow soon

Onto the more tangible addition to my cadre!

This is my most drastic conversion to date as I mentioned above. For lack of a better name, Ive been calling it the shadow suit during the converion (Shocking, I know).

Unfortunately it isnt photographing very well at the moment :? Its shape is coming across very different in the photos than it does in real life. hopefully the shape will show a little better once its painted. A fair amount of work has gone into this conversion pretty much every part of this model has either been replaced or rebuilt. I would like to credit darkwater for the idea of using pulse carbines for the legs (Click HERE)




So I'm REALLY eager to hear what you guys think about the story and the "shadow suit" (almost embarrassing to call it that out loud :P )

C&C welcome so fire away! :fear:
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Re: T'au26th Tactical interdiction Cadre-heavy crisis conversion

Post#57 » Jun 12 2012 02:53

The character is Shas'El Vel'ar, from the "Empire" series you are so fond of (as are we all, it's great!). I don't remember the author (sorry... But I do love your story!) but for more proof your favourite character is Kro'le.

I love your fiction too, and the models are all great (prefer stories though, can keep me entertained for ages!). Keep it up.

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Re: T'au26th Tactical interdiction Cadre-heavy crisis conversion

Post#58 » Jun 13 2012 08:15

It's nice to see Vel'ar showing up and doing his job trying to figure out the darker mysteries of our little corner of the galaxy.

Good job shadow kat, I look forward to reading more.

Pantherus- thanks for the compliment.
~Good Hunting

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Re: T'au26th Tactical interdiction Cadre-heavy crisis conversion

Post#59 » Jun 14 2012 01:29

Very interesting plot! I'm curious to see what could have caused this to happen.

As for the suit, I the addition to the legs. But I feel like the chest plate could use something. It looks plain as is right now. It may also be a little too bulky. It almost looks like it would get in the way.

Would it be possible to add some detail to it?

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shadow kat
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Re: T'au26th Tactical interdiction Cadre-heavy crisis conversion

Post#60 » Jun 14 2012 09:34

Congratulations Pantherus, your correct! Im afraid I can only offer you half a cookie though for not knowing the Authors name. The Other half will go to calmsword for knowing his own name :P

Thanks for the compliments Pantherus. The fiction sections don't get many comments of their own so it is always encouraging to know that somebody is actually reading them ;)

I hope I have written Vel'ar to your satisfaction Calmsword. It was very exciting (and a little nerve racking!) to write for him, even if his participation in this story is fairly limited.

Thanks for the comments Wolfs. The suit is having a bit of a rough debut so far :D . Im really regretting spraying it before taking pictures. Looking at the pictures above, Id have to agree with you that it looks too bulky and plain. When I get up and look at the actual model though, I find myself happy with the results once again. Something about this model is proving incredibly frustrating to photograph. It feels like im making excuses for my model :? . Im hoping that once its got some colour on it, itll look a little more like it does in real life than it does in the current photo's.

I have a WIP photo that shows things a little better but still not quite at the same point that id like it.


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