Vash's Farsight log, update army shots july 17

Post long term projects you have devised for your Tau or other hobby projects.
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Re: Vash's Farsight log, update army shots july 17

Post#217 » Aug 12 2014 03:10

Honestly, every time I see your log in the recent updates, I think "Oh Shoot. More crazy-awesome extremely-well-painted models to remind me of how my army looks terrible." Don't worry, I think your army looks amazing, it doesn't put me down that much ;)

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Re: Vash's Farsight log, update army shots july 17

Post#218 » Aug 13 2014 02:42

Hehe, thats totally not my intension to male you feel like that :) But thanks for the kind comments.
Back in the day when I was really active, we held painting courses at the local game store we ran.
Here each of us showed costumers and veterans alike, how to paint, new techniques and such.

I usually held speed painting courses. The use of washes was pretty much my signature. With washes I do believe that a well cleaned, and carefully based model will turn into a well above standard miniature. The final details lifts the model of course, but they eye is usually drawn to an army as a whole on the table. The details are usually not caught at a normal gaming distance.

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Re: Vash's Farsight log, update army shots july 17

Post#219 » Sep 04 2014 04:40

Vash, your colour scheme, painting techniques and conversions are really impressive!
They are so impressive, that I had to register on forum just to let you know that you have the best Tau army, I've ever seen.

I want to try your colour scheme on my Tau, but I can't find the list of paints you used (the topic is rather big). I found this list.
1. Light Grey base coat
2. Darkenhof Nightshade
3. Nuln oil
4. Highlight with Fenrisian grey

Is it complete? And how many layers of wash do you use?

P.S.: Just to let your know: it would be very interesting for me (I guess not only for me) to see your painting tutorial video.

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