[WIP] High Threat Response Cadre

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[WIP] High Threat Response Cadre

Post#1 » Dec 29 2013 08:07

This post is a statement of intent, and this thread will serve as a progress log.

I have recently jumped both feet in to the hobby, and from a used army purchase I have begin to rapidly expand without focus. This has left me with a mix of units, some in disrepair and the vast majority of the models with hideous paint jobs. My intent is to craft from this collection of models old and new a Commune. The Commune will include several Cadres, and will have an over-arching paint scheme. Alongside the building of models I will be creating fluff. There is some expansion in the (near) future as well.

Fluff as it stands (rough fluff):

The Black Mesa Cadre (a placeholder name, to suit my inspiration) was formed on Sa`cea following a classified incident at a Earth Caste research facility in the lower levels of one of the planet`s dense cities. The researchers had been reverse engineering a captured artifact when it activated and opened a localized warp rift. The security contingent at the facility coordinated response with the nearest civic-sector militia force, and together they worked to contain an undisclosed xeno-organic threat that emerged from the rift. Though there was extensive damage to the facility and surrounding industrial neighborhoods, they contained the threat until such time as reinforcements could arrive to mop up. The survivors of the responding teams were screened for psychological damage and the survivors became the foundation for a new High Threat Response Cadre.

Though primarily comprised of membership drawn from Sa`cea Fire Caste personnel, the Cadre occasionally recruits from other Septs on a case-by case basis. The Cadre`s training grounds have been relocated to a moon abandoned after a devastating ork invasion, though their base of operations is a fleet carrier. The Cadre has since operated in its High Threat Response capacity throughout Tau space, and continues to react to extraordinary threats to the Greater Good.


As it stands, the rough count on what I have is broken down as follows:

Initial Purchase:

5x Broadsides (old style metal, several broken at the ankles);
7x Crisis Suits (eccentric configurations, some odd builds);
12 Stealth Suits (sexy as all get out old-school metal);
3x piranha (1 missing a `wing`);
1x Sniper drone team (3 drones);
15 or so Pathfinders;
70x Fire Warriors;
5x Devil Fish;
3x Hammer Head;
1x Devil Fish w. Nova; and
A Bucket 'o' Drones (mostly gun).

Since starting this up I have acquired:

1x Firebase Support Cadre (Riptide built/magnetized);
1x Pathfinder Squad;
Cadre Fireblade;
1x Hammerhead/Skyray (to be configured as the later); and

On Order:

Commander Farsight

Near Future Possible FW Acquisitions:

Shas'O Vesu'r Ra'lai (wicked model, potential for aggressive play);
1x Ramora Stealth Drones (oh yes);
1x Pair of Technical Drones (for something fluffy);

Visual Thematic:

I am taking my cue from Halflife, specifically the HEV suits. The cadre will follow Sa`cea Sept coloration for rank and markings, with a base primarily of slate grey. Infantry will have slate grey leathers with orange (Troll Slayer) armor and gear in a lighter grey. Suits will be primarily orange (with stealth suits being a darker orange). Vehicles and the Riptide will be primarily grey, with orange markings. Some drones and vehicles will eventually be modified to have hazard lighting, befitting of urban response units.

In the future I will be developing a small portion of the cadre for snowbound operations, because I want to do snow-camo.


The Cadre will have several teams (typically meant to point out at local tourney value of 1750) which will include models from the entire list. All models will bear a similar unit element scheme, however variations will exist by team and unit. Each team will each have a thematic to suit their role. So far I have begun working on, or envision, the following teams:

- Mechanized Infantry: for rapid insertion or response;
- Urban Combat: For those city-fighting games I might find;
- Tank Killer: Because super-heavies need killing; and
- `All` Drone: save for the commander and spotters... I have fluff in mind to explain how Fire Warriors fit in.


In the immediacy I have some work to do. Short term goals:

- create a workspace for assembly and painting (my place is kind of a disaster, but I have a seriously awesome conference table);
- actually assemble all of my models that are on sprue (with the amount of Broadsides I have that will mean some chances to play);
- strip off the existing paint (a whooole lot of work there);
- learn not to paint badly and do some painting (ok, a massive load of painting).

As soon as I can get to my home computer, this thread will be updated with a series of ‘as is’ photos of the physical cadre.

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Re: [WIP] High Threat Response Cadre

Post#2 » Jan 27 2014 05:26

Acquisitions have been made, simulations have been engaged in, and some refinements have been made. As well, I have stripped a good deal of models, and refined my paint scheme. Photos, of phone camera and various lighting quality, will be following soon.


- 1x Skyray (I have a load of tank bodies, but had no Skyray array)
- 1x Crisis Suit Team
- Assembled w. 2x Dual Fusion and 1x Cyclical Ion Blaster (my first real 'mod', I took the unused burst cannon from my Hammerhead/Skyray added a handle made of sprue, and ended up with a guy that looks like he's holding a minigun)
- 1x Sniper Drone Team (metal, in need of stripping).


- 6x Broadsides have been assembled in such a way as to add dynamics to their posture when initially deployed. Rather than magnetize, I am currently using poster sticky tac to hold the arms on, and the rail rifles and their arms are glued together
- 1x Pathfinder Squad (purchased for the drones) assembling as a 4 man squad, 1x Shas'ui w. Blacksun Filter and 3x Ion (still partially assembled, so as to ease painting). Drones have been assembled
- 1x Skyray, need to acquire tiny magnets and some metal strips to magnetize the missiles, however

Oh look, something like Batreps

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