Inva'Kan Coalition

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Inva'Kan Coalition

Post#1 » Jan 14 2014 01:32

Hey ATT,

In this thread I will Log the creation of my entire Tau Coalition whether it be from painting, assembling, and possibly even talking strategy.

As some background to my Coalition I have decided to go with the theme of a forgotten planet in a system where a Sunburst occurred.
The idea is that the planet was once very bright and moderate temperatures and weather, however when the Sunburst was tested the planet became very stormy.
Thus this transformed the planet seemingly over night into a dangerous swamp like planet. Because of the Sunburst experimentation the system was erased from the T'au archives.
However the entire system doesn't realize this so they sit and wait for orders from the home world. Still loyal and faithful to their ways they trained and become highly adapted to fighting in this harsh environment.

Thoughts: I basically wanna show that my Tau in some way have adapted to fighting in the rain and swamps (i'm still trying to figure out how).
I do know the paint scheme will seem fairly cold toned down blueish grey for armor, Orange Sept markings, Brown cloths, Silver metals.
Also along with this Theme I wanted to create a playing table for my home board that would be a large swamp like idea (hence majority of the board will be difficult terrain)

So since i'm brand spankin new to the Tau army here is what i've gotten as my first buy:

1 Tau 6th ed Codex
1 Tau Battle Force
1 Tau Fire Warrior Team
1 Tau Devilfish
2 Tau Broadside (Thanks to consignment case, one is a newer Broadside the other is older, both new on sprues)

So based on some review here is how plan to use my army.

I want to run a Commander with a drone Marker Light Squad this way i will play my Commander as more of a support than a "Hero"
Then in the future i want to have at least two Fire Warrior Teams in Devilfish to act as commando units for when targets are sufficiently ML up.
Then with some heavy support fire from the back ranks with Crisis Teams and Broadsides I can have sufficient distractions to keep them off my Devilfish.

in my head and in theory this will seem to work and the final load outs will be fine tuned for future games of course.

I am open to any and all input and suggestions.

*Btw i will be painting today and tomorrow so pics coming soon of my paint scheme*

So this is Shas'O Mawz34 signing out!

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Re: Inva'Kan Coalition

Post#2 » Feb 21 2014 01:33

Fire warriors in Devil Fish are a wonderful combo and wonderfully effective with marker light support.

This is all well and good but what about counter assault units. What are you going to do against a horde list? Firewarriors in their D-fish don't shoot. They have to get out for that. Then they are vulnerable to assault, which need to be avoided light the plague.

Many Armies in 40 specialize in CC and even though they need to survive crossing the board through Tau lanes of fire CC is a reality that all commanders need to be prepared for.

My answer to this is Kroot. They are a Cheap way to get minis on the table and will be able to act as either a counter assault squad, objective holder, assault squad, fire support and much much more. Kroot for me are like the grease for the gears.

Because you are just getting started you are likely to play small points games. I say this all the time, small points games (>1000) are won by more often by #of minis on the table than high points value minis and expensive vehicles and War gear. Just a thought to consider when you are making your first lists and getting ready for games.

Ork, IG, Nids can take lots of minis of low points cost which can overwhelm you very rapidly if you don't have enough yourself.

For example my Orks green tide list at 1000 points had 101 minis in it. Watch the enemy can be very different than Tau in the way they play.
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