Tau Orca Project - Scratch Built

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Huru MorDae
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Re: Tau Orca Project - Scratch Built

Post#31 » Jun 28 2015 06:24

Are there any templates being used in this?
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Re: Tau Orca Project - Scratch Built

Post#32 » Jul 05 2015 01:00

Great work, I didn't know you could achieve such a well-machined, smooth contour with balsa. Appreciate the detail you go into on the materials/techniques/measurements used in creating this beast, great resource.

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Re: Tau Orca Project - Scratch Built

Post#33 » Nov 17 2015 10:23

Hey guys, sorry for such a long wait before replies!!!

I have moved house and been very busy setting up my Landscaping Business which has left me no time to conduct any work since. but still sits up on my cupboard away from the kids.

The plans I used where from a Forge World book that I photocopied to scale on to an A3 sheet of paper. I will try and dig them out and post them on here shortly for anyone that is intersted in building there own.

Once again thanks for all the possitive feedback on this 'part' build... so far! :biggrin:
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The Pounder
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Re: Tau Orca Project - Scratch Built

Post#34 » Nov 19 2015 01:45

Absolutely incredible!
Looking forward to seeing this finished,
I wish I had your talent.

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Re: Tau Orca Project - Scratch Built

Post#35 » Nov 26 2015 11:11

Breathtaking! I was always saddened by the fact they stopped sale of the orca, but its great to see people filling that gap.

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Re: Tau Orca Project - Scratch Built

Post#36 » Dec 30 2016 10:02

Did this project ever reach completion?
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