[WIP] The Drowned Brotherhood: Cadre of Commoragh

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[WIP] The Drowned Brotherhood: Cadre of Commoragh

Post#1 » May 09 2014 07:41

So this is my WIP Cadre! Mercenaries from Commoragh with a very liberal view of the good part in The Greater Good. I love fluffing out my armies, and i'm new to the Tau, decided to go for a dark approach because i don't mind being the bad guy.

SO sit back and enjoy the fluff, i'l post pictures of completed models along with it as and when its done. I have a lot on my plate personally right now so it may be slow, but i'm pretty dedicated.

Part 1: The coming storm.

Inquisitor Delorais stood with the toe of his boot over the threshold of the derelict apartment. Blood, oil and a number of other fluids stained the carpets and walls, the majority emanating odours that assaulted the senses.

He had been brought to Korlia II to oversee the excavation of an ancient temple of some long gone warp worshipping culture. The entire catalogue of artefacts had remained inactive; the same could not be said for the general population. A number of key officials had been assassinated, preventing the archiving and removal off world of a majority of the finds, some misguided cult of cretinous witches clearly wanted to keep the damned items on the planet. Delorais did not have time for cretinous witches.

The culmination of his investigation had led him to this apartment building. Through tracking the weak and encrypted signals, monitoring the general population, and what had really led to the breakthrough; power usage. The Inquisitor did not know what he would find on the other side of the door before his boot had connected with it, Laspistol drawn he was ready for anything…

That was the mentality before he gazed upon the mass of metal and wires in the centre of the room; he had stood at this door for far too long now, contemplating possibilities. The mechanicus adepts he brought with him told him the design was unfamiliar, but definitely contained known components from the machinery of the vile Tau. What was this device? What are the Tau doing here? The empire expansion was happening half a galaxy away, they should have had no interest in the worlds of Korlia, and even if they had then the patrols set up at the edge of the system surely would have caught them coming in.

A sudden crack split the air, the rain had stopped hours ago it wasn’t thunder. Time seemed to slow for Delorais; there was an arbite across the room who had been barking orders into his comm-link since the door was kicked through, he suddenly became silent. The visor on his helmet shattered outwards first, followed closely by the remains of his face. He was lifted from his feet at the same time as the inquisitor levelled his pistol for a shot, following the trail of blue smoke through the air. The window behind the arbiter had shattered and stood across on the roof of the next building was a figure silhouetted by the city lights. The arbite had flown the distance of the room with enough force to embed the majority of his limp body into the far wall. Delorais could make out the blinking lights on the front of the figures helmet and took a single shot; the red flash flew the distance and struck its mark. The figure was thrown off balance and grasped its helmet, dropping its weapon it turned to flee.

Delorais was quick to give pursuit, sprinting to the edge of the broken window and leaping the distance between the buildings in a single bound. He grasped the ledge of the roof and began to pull himself up. Far below in the streets were hundreds of people, bright red lights and lots of noise; the festival of fire the locals called it. For now it covered the noise of the fight and the Inquisitor hoped would prevent any mass panic. On the ground next to him was a railirifle, a powerful weapon of the Tau.

The roofs were slick with the rain from earlier. It was cold and dark, the only trail to follow was the scent of burnt out electronics and the occasional flash of helmet lights from far ahead. Delorais knew he had damaged something critical, the blue scum could probably barely see through that visor anymore. He was gaining. He aimed his pistol forward as he ran, caught a glimpse of the Tau for just a second and took the shot. He heard the body hit the ground, hard. The alien was bleeding profusely from the wound in its side. It was struggling to take off its helmet; the lighter armour it was wearing had been its downfall. Delorais recognised it as a pathfinder, the scouts of the Tau.

As the Inquisitor caught up and stood with it at his feet it threw the helmet to one side. It was a female, and it was laughing. Delorais lowered his pistol in line with the scums eyes. It raised a weakened arm and pointed to the sky behind him. The inquisitor turned and looked up, a Tau ship was materialising in orbit as if emerging from the Webway. The nearest force that could put up any form of resistance to forces in a ship that size was at least three hours away. The nearest force who could win a fight against that ship was two days. This was bad…
He fired his pistol.


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Re: [WIP] The Drowned Brotherhood: Cadre of Commoragh

Post#2 » May 09 2014 09:01

Good work Drago Solaris. I'm very curious o see more of your enjoyable stroy... :D :D

Drago Solaris
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Re: [WIP] The Drowned Brotherhood: Cadre of Commoragh

Post#3 » May 09 2014 06:50

Glad you enjoyed it!

This next part is a bit shorter, it originally was going to go on the end of the last bit, but i ran out of time writing it earlier.

Part 2: The Hunt begins.

The mechanicus adept took no time to analyse the situation, he knew his task and he would complete it. The Tau device had begun to light up as soon as Delorais had left through the window; it had let out a large pulse, a sudden burst of information. The adept had caught it and had almost finished processing the data. It was disturbing to say the least. Plans of the city, population counts, weak points, and coordinates to the vaults where the relics from the excavation were being kept. It was still broadcasting, the adept had a sudden realisation; it was a targeting beacon.

The adept ignored the better part of his instinct and began interfacing directly with the device. His attempt to shut it down seemed to be met with resistance, someone outside had already connected to the system. There was something else hidden in the system too, a list of names, human names. Had they been betrayed? A small blue lens on the top of the machine blinked to life, a tall hologram appeared startling the adept. He recognised it immediately as one of the leaders of the Tau scum. It began to speak in broken imperial tongue “You’re att’empts are us’less ver’min we ha’ve wha’t we need”.
He quickly went back to the data, the plans of the city; the complex he was stood in, where the beacon was located, was built atop one of the largest power relays for the cities subsurface power grid. Destroying this relay would leave the majority of the city in the dark, mass panic would ensue, loss of communication and a number of defensive weapon systems.

The hologram spoke again, this time it sounded more rehearsed “Let the hunt begin!” There was a deafening silence suddenly, the air around the adept felt thick with energy. The world outside the window seemed to be getting brighter than possible. Someone had to know… the other targets…

Inquisitor Delorais turned to the building he had come from. The Tau lay dead at his feet. He had come further than he fought in the chase, adrenalin pumping through him still. He raised his laspistol, still smoking from the barrel. The front of the Tau ship in the atmosphere began to light up, he raised a hand to the micro-bead in his ear, only static; He had forgotten the arbites fate. He clicked across to a different channel, the mechanicus adept, the inquisitor had never gotten along with the mechanicus but it seemed his only contact left at the site; Still no response, probably knee deep in the Tau machine, and at a time like this.

There was a sudden flash of light, and a wave of heat and force that knocked the inquisitor to his back. He caught himself on the body of the Tau he had slain, and once his vision returned he gazed upon the destruction. The complex and parts of the building around it had been reduced to little more than gravel and ash, a crater in the middle of a bustling city, a pillar of light extending out and upwards towards the vessel. One by one he watched from his vantage point as the lights went out across the city, only a few important buildings left lit with internal generators. Panic was inevitable now, and the people would flock to the light.

A number of objects fell from the ship, turned to fireballs streaking across the night sky, as they neared the city Delorias could make out a distinct silhouette inside each fireball; Battlesuits. They fell into the streets below.
It started raining again…


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Re: [WIP] The Drowned Brotherhood: Cadre of Commoragh

Post#4 » May 10 2014 03:54

You are a skilled writer, I enjoy reading your stuff. I would genuinely enjoy reading this story as a novel. I compell you to fully flesh out and write a longer story regarding this. If this were the quality of writing in a 40k tau book, I would buy it.

Very well done.

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Re: [WIP] The Drowned Brotherhood: Cadre of Commoragh

Post#5 » May 13 2014 05:18

SO as expected between work and moving house not had too much time recently, but here's the next part!

Enjoy :P

Part 3: Shadows in the dark.

Planetary councilman Kellin, assistant to the governor, best treasurer this planet had the privilege of paying in a thousand years, sat in his office. He heard his family had been evacuated as soon as that blasted thing came into orbit. They were to be taken to some shuttle port or another and whisked away to the other side of the system for extraction. That was all well and good but the councilman didn’t care much right now, what about him? Who was coming for him?

He stared out of the large paned windows, rain beating down, and observed the ship in the distance. I pillar of light emitted from the prow of the ship straight into the centre of the city. It was carving out a path directly across the habitat districts; he could hear the cries of panic from here. His building still had power, the privilege of the private and important, and he could see the people flocking through every gap in the city line, across his courtyard and to his front door. If this was the state of his heavily guarded office he couldn’t image the state of his poor compound; His gardens probably lay trampled, his art smashed or stolen, and all his wealth. He had sacrificed so much for these people and this is how they repaid him? He swivelled his chair to the long book lined hall that was his office. The guardsmen had been huddled together muttering quietly between themselves for all this time. He leaned forward, his belly pressing against the desk and spoke.

“None shall enter these premises until I am safely away, do you understand? The last thing I need in a time like this is the unwashed masses down there asking who’s going to pay for their damages! AND THE VAULTS! Dear lord if those people get their hands on the priceless artefacts in those vaults they might well just bankrupt this entire planet! We don’t have much going for us you know? I was about to up and leave this backwater mud-ball until they stumbled upon that temple you know? One last gem this planet had, and all this trouble it’s caused me. You do as you’re told and I’ll make you rich. Just get me off this planet and keep those relics safe!”
The guardsmen stood sheepishly looking at the councilman. Three of them backed out and left the office, leaving their captain to confront the second richest man on the planet.
“Sir, those people… our friends and families… You can’t expect us to leave them can you?”
Kellin scowled towards him.
“You are paid to shoot, not think. If you don’t like it you shouldn’t have become a bloody guardsman. I avoided being drafted easily enough when I was younger! The people on this planet have no initiative. I…“
His rant was cut off by the sound of screams from the base of the building. He looked out of the office window; the ship was still miles away across the city, and going in the opposite direction.
Then he saw it, small flashes of blue moving incredibly quickly through the buildings and jumping across streets. They looked like blasts from jetpacks. The silhouette was hard to see in the darkness, but something was coming quickly.

The sound of gunfire cut through the screams for just a moment, and then the civilians raised their volume to match. The silhouettes that were leaping gracefully from wall to wall planted themselves still. A rain of fast blue lights shot out from each, from his vantage point Kellin could see them pick out anyone with a weapon with great accuracy, the rapid blue shots putting them on the ground where they disappeared under the crowd.

The sound of an explosion echoed through the empty corridors up to the councilman’s office, the guardsman turned to look at the door, anxious and weapon raised he was clearly shaking.
“That sounded like it came from the other side of the building sir…”
He grasped on to the comm-link on the side his helmet. He raised his head with a defeated look on his face. The sound of gunfire from down the hall confirmed what he had been told. They were inside the building.

Guardsman Ferl was positioned outside the door. He was nervous but he could hear the shouting in the other room, it was all going to the councillor’s plan. He’d suggest they move to the vaults next, the most secure place in the building, and wait for help. Ferl knew there would be no help, and so did the councillor. The captain would have never gone for betraying the people, making some profit and getting off this world, that’s why the councillor had chosen Ferl.

The doors to the office slammed open, the captain stood between them and looked around at his men.
“We’re moving the councillor down to the vault; we should be safe there until help arrives.”
He set off down the corridor away from the gunfire, Ferl moved in beside Kellin. The lifts were no longer functional, so it was a slog down the stairs to the ground floors of the building; the gunfire never ceased, but the screams from outside the building did. They navigated the maze of tunnels the underground section of the complex was comprised of and reached the open vault doors; a number of tech adepts stood either side ensuring they stayed functional and continuing with their archiving of the relics already transported here. There was the echo of an explosion from the direction the group had come from. They were coming quicker than Ferl thought they could, of course they had the plans for the building but he expected his old comrades to put up more of a resistance, he was sure he had picked the right side hearing it all.

He was positioned outside the vault with one of his fellow guardsmen, all to plan. The rest were brought inside the vault with the councillor and the door was closed behind them. Minutes passed like hours, the air was tense, the gunfire moving ever closer.

The burst of fire came from around the corner, this was it. The light seemed to drain from the glow lamps unnaturally, as they approached the world just seemed darker. Another burst of fire, a blue flash, and a body was launched against the wall at the end of the corridor; trailing blue smoke, and a number of smoking holes through the lifeless husk. Ferl raised his lasgun and fired into the comrade outside the vault door with him. The blast caught the guardsman off-guard and knocked him to the floor; Ferl levelled the barrel of his gun on the guardsman’s neck, they met eyes for a moment, and then he fired again.

He raised his weapon in the air with one hand and extended the other out to his side and waited. The silhouettes came around the corner far too quiet for something of that size. They were hard to focus on, the air around them dark and shifting. They took a moment to consider Fern and then, silent, lowered their own weapons. Ferl smirked, he had no care for what the Tau wanted with the relics in the vault, mission over, and he was a rich and free man from this point on. He turned to the vault door and keyed in the code, he had not spoken to his new friends yet, not wanting to break the silence they seemed to so love.
The seals on the vault door hissed, and the door lurched an inch. The sudden burst of fire was almost inaudible over the sound of the mechanism, and Ferl’s body slumped to the floor next to his fellow guardsman, the glowing hot holes in the back of his armour trailing a fowl smelling smoke.


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Re: [WIP] The Drowned Brotherhood: Cadre of Commoragh

Post#6 » May 13 2014 05:58

This is some excellent writing. Very keen to hear the rest :D

Also, very nice models to go with each. Really get a feel for them with the atmosphere of the story.

I'm interested to know how they got their connection with the Dark Eldar too.
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Re: [WIP] The Drowned Brotherhood: Cadre of Commoragh

Post#7 » May 14 2014 06:18

Thanks! :) Hoping to get my first crisis suits this weekend i think, along with some other stuff, hopefully i'l have a full force by next week.

I have a rough idea of where i'm going with it, and the background, but i have more stuffed planned for before that so i'm afraid you'll just have to hang around and read through it for a bit!

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