[Project Log] ITCA - Independent Tau Colonies Alliance

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[Project Log] ITCA - Independent Tau Colonies Alliance

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Hi ATT!!!
This is my first project log and I want to show you my Cadre that maybe you already know in part. I apologize in advance for every typology of grammatical error (English is not my native language) or discrepancy on background (I'm not so expert about Tau background). For every comment, feedback, question or advice feel free to reply on this project log.

Onos - Onons Industries


There is a devasted region of the Universe where Hive Fleet Gorgon left behind many barren planets scoured of all life forms, this region is called "The Zone of Silence".
Many planetary sensors and sentinel drones were left on this fringe of Universe after the carnage, reasons were monitoring and controlling. From data received to the Tau Empire has been possible to study part of the behavior of the Gorgon Hive Mind and the evolution and the flux of the entire fleet, these were relevant data useful to fight Tyranids.
But an anomaly was detected.. only one planet among the myriad of planetary carcasses infected by the Tyranid race, an inhospitable desert planetoid poor of life called Ar'Kereon. At the beginning experts thought that this small planet wasn't suitable for the growth cycle of Tyranids. Analyzing atmosferical data Tau scientists understood that temperature and composition of atmosphere was ideal for their development but despite everything Tyranids stayed away from Ar'Kereon. The anomaly became tangible evidence when a high frequence signal came from the depth of the planet, maybe there was something on that infertile planet that could make a change to the battle against Gorgon Fleet and all those weeds aliens.
So during the "Third Sphere of Expansion" the Ethereal Council decided to sent a Research Cadre to investigate. This big expedition included as well as lots of scientists also a big amount of Earth Caste engineers, in fact role of the Earth Caste was drilling Ar'Kereon hard surface to serch the origin of that signal.



When mankind didn't yet know the secret of interstellar voyage Ar'Kereon was a small temperate hospitable planet, a gem in the cold Universe.
The influence of the big Keo'Nir Ocean made the coasts of the planet suitable to the settlements and the metallic core provided to the planet the ideal gravity and magnetic field to host life. With an inclination of 3 degrees and a rotating period of 20 hours has been possible the right alternation of night and day. So different from the desertic Ar'Kereon, the planet faced two big disasters that changed completely its aspect. Only the second disaster was clear: the impact of a big meteor with a diameter of 120km that sweep all the life form on the planet. The impact was so strong that generated a change of lots of orbital parametres like inclination from 3 degrees to 85 degrees and the exposition of the same face to the sun. For these reasons the planet developed an hot zone (≈90 degrees) culminating at the north pole, always hits by the sun rays, a cold zone (≈-90 degrees) culminating at the south pole, always in the shade and a crepuscolar belt, a zone where the sun is always low and the alternation of sunset and sunrise is really frequent. Being the earth displaced most in the northern hemisphere, desertification destroyed the ecosystem making now Ar'Kereon a barren planet. What about first disaster.. All that we know is that what fallen on the once cold north pole wasn't bare rock.. something warm-blooded who traveled to space, penetrated the ice during the impact remained quiescent due to cryogenic temperatures. Now the north pole is comparable to the hell, maybe the space traveller is awakening from its long sleep... What Tau Empire has heard is the first cry of an old wound.


The Ethereal Council kept secret many informations to the members of the expedition, in fact the expedition was passed as a research Cadre, but secretly ships were loaded with military weapons and battlesuits. In particular in according to official documents three ships were loaded with ground drill and one of these was loaded as "reserve drill", indeed in that ship was boarded a small military faction. Ethereals maybe knew what was the origin of that signal.. They chose as scientific responsible of the expedition the Earth Caste engineer Fio'O Koi'Par'Ka. This was the largest scientific expedition sent to one planet: seven hundred xenos, scientists and engineers without counting the hidden small army, about three hundred Fire Caste warriors.
Destiny wanted that a Warp Storm during the voyage to Ar'Kereon isolated the Cadre from the Empire and civilization. No trasmission, no contacts, an isolation lasted 80 years.. So many things changed..


The Warp Storm created a space-temporal babble around the star system of Ar'Kereon and his red giant star, for this reason time passed more slowly than outside of the tempest. The storm damaged the expedition fleet and didn't allow trasmission outward the influnce sphere of the storm.. The convoy landed on the crepuscolar belt as expected, onboard technicians tryed to establish communications with the Empire but they failed. That small colony was alone in that hostile planet. Without sources of supply as food, water and energy the expedition had to adapt exploiting what that the planetoid was offering. The lives of a thousand xenos depended on the survival and adaptation ability of the Tau race.
Part of scientists and engineers dealt finding solution for survival of all expedition, the rest of the xenos began to work on that for wich they were sent, the origin of the signal.
Working conditions at those temperatures were prohibitive and the surface was more hard than espected. The composition of the ground was rich in mineral that weren't present on other planets, those metals were precious to the engineers for the developing of the lost expedition. Other problems arrived when second auger damaged drilling a thick cap made from an unknown hard material near the origin point of the signal. Tau scientists found a hollow region under that layer, temperature was too high to send an explorating team. Ropture occured when Fio'O Koi'Par'Ka tried to enter on the ship with the reserve drill, the Subcommander of the mission designated by the Ethereals, Fio'El Shas'Ka'Por (indeed Shas'El Shas'Ka'Por), denied the access to Par'Ka, but at the end the mission Commander found in the ship military equipment and a hibernated army. From that moment the situation worsened: all technicians at the drilling mysteriously disappeared and the army on the ship (awakened by Shas'El Shas'Ka'Por) took the control of the mission. Arised an internal war between two factions: on the one hand many engineers and scientists headed by Fio'O Koi'Par'Ka, on the other side Shas'El Shas'Ka'Por with his army and a small amount of engineers. During the fighting died many xenos, so Par'Ka, without the possibility to fight the army, took the disperate decision to leave the point of landing and to move to an ancient abandoned Tau outpost on the Hot Zone with the remaining components of the Earth Caste. For Par'Ka and his companions Ethereals sent the xenos to a certain death, a real betrayal. So the civil war between the two clans began, without holds barred.
At the beginning the loyalist faction dominated the war forcing separatists to barricade themselves in the old base. But the destiny once again did his part: Being a hard risk expedition, Ethereals sent only expendable sources, and in this case untraditional engineers, brilliant misundestood minds that hardly followed the will of ethereals.. this availed the fortunes of separatists.
Being attacks rare due to the hard atmospheric conditions, in a short time, using the old technologies found in the old base and the metallic sources of the planet, separatists realized their weaponry and began to be able to respond to loyalists attacks. More time passed, more separatists technology grew, born XV70 series and increased fortifications of the old base, now a strong bastion.
Battles became more sporadic but more intense.. it was a trech warfare, a war of attrition.
The civil war made them forget about the reason of the expedition. After thirty years of warfare loyalists became an indipendent colony, Ar'Vorak, a powerful oasis in the dreadful desert. Engineers became also soldiers and every soldier applied on his weaponry something of his own. Every battlesuit was a unique wargear and every soldier was jealous of his work became now a treasure. At that point thanks to these reasons Ar'Vorak colony exelled in the conflict against loyalist faction, now Ar'Sol'Bor contingent.
On the isolated planet the two colonies faced not only the exhausting war but also hunger and disease caused by radiations and prohibitive climate conditions, the only way to survive was their advanced technology and their adapting capacities, new Tau generations born on Ar'Kereon were more resistant than normal Tau, what was a disadvantage now was becoming a strength.


During last battle between the two factions, 54 years after the landing of the expedition, Ar'Vorak was dominating the battle ground. Now the armies were weary and tired, so separatists High Command, headed another time by Koi'Par'Ka, decided to launch his new weapon in order to close forever the warfare with the destruction of Ar'Sol'Bor coalisation. The "High Potential Neutronic Bomb" exploded three hundred meters over the heads of Ar'Sol'Bor soldiers, the core of the army was swept away in a fraction of second.
Ar'Vorak didn't undestand that desperate act sanctioned their ruin: The seismic waves generated by deflagration of the device reached the big cave left opened 53 years ago.. Swarms of hungry alien-like Tyranids came out the hole on the surface of the planet. That cave was nothing more than a Hiveship fallen on the planet that was waiting someone who awakened her. Not simple Tyranids, but an Ancestral Hive Mind. Condition was favorable, when the bioship fallen on the planet weary by the interstellar voyage, found a layer of ice and permafrost. Needing heat and radiations to survive, the bioship generated around herself a hard shell and felt in a sort of hibernation. During the secon impact that changed the planetary inclination, many cataclisms covered the bioship with a lot of layers of rock and sand. Becoming the nort pole the hottest area of the Hot Zone after impact, temperature of the surface increased transmitting heat in depth, this heat start the awakning of the Hive Ship. The perforation created by the drilling quickened the awakning process and the explosion of the bomb completed the work.
Thus it began the war against Hive Mind Shamir.


Tyranids began to destroy all life form that stood in front of them, so Ar'Vorak and what remained of Ar'Sol'Bor had to collaborate to survive the fury of Shamir Fleet. This typology of Tyranids was more resistant and fierce of other normal Tyranids.
It was a carnage, too much Tau died, not only the prohibitive conditions of the planet, first the bloody civil war and now the invasion of Tyranids.. Only at that point Tau understood the havoc that they generated, why killing their own brothers?
There wasn't an official act or an agreement between the parties, now Tau fought as brothers, at the same side. Thus it was born the Tau Colonies Alliance. From that moment Tau collaborated and fought against Tyranids for 15 years.
Day passed and year after year the alliance fought a war without exclusion of shots, many Tau died accomplishing their duty. After 15 years Tau coalisation succeeded to stem the Tyranid invasion confined the aliens behind the Kor'Mahali line, the desertic zone rich of canyons and crevasses located on the north pole of Ar'Kereon, near the hole created by the perforation on the bioship.
There were founded some outposts in order to monitoring the shifts of the swarms.
During these years the politic organisation of the coalisation and the geographical realities gave birth to three different colonies.
The main colony was Ar'Vorak colony that includes the two small enclaves station of Ar'Ga'Rua and Shar'Morath, second was the reformed Ar'Sol'Bor colony and the third was Kor'Mont'Ra colony composed and formed by the veteran of Kor'Mahali, those warriors that first of all pay the consequences of the awakening of Shamir Fleet.


Despite the strong offensive carried out against the Tyranid swarm, the alien plague shows no signs of weakness. The big hordes of chemosynthetic monsters were composed mainly by creatures similar to Lictors called Chemoraptors, these aliens are resistant to many conventional Tau weaponry because their strong carapax and their rapid metabolism that heal very quickly every wound, for this reason engineers had to develop new weapons ideals for fighting the Shamir Fleet, one of these is the Vibro Sword, a melee weapon that tears many typology of materials and which doesn't allow the healing of the flesh.
During big battles skies are filled by Chemospores, organisms that catch radiations generated by the red sun and then fall down exploding on the ground infecting the enemy. But the most dangerous creatures are the Chemosymbionts, giant worms composed by two symbiontic organisms, one inside the other, on one extremity a mouth full of teeth able to drill the ground, his stomach is able to reduce to pulp rocks and transform them in a sort of sourdough that ejects from the other extremity where are dislocated sensorial organs and three rostrum that act as a beak. The Chemosymbiont can suddenly dawning out the ground devouring everything and melts every type of armour with his biocannon. The hive mind of this swarm is controlled by a mysterious tentacular organism that remains barricaded inside his shell, for this reason is impossible approaching the entrance of the bioship and the hard shell around it protects all the Hive from every typology of external attack.
So the Council of the Alliance took the only possible decision: The only way to destroying the enemy was bringing in the cave another neutronic bomb, the deflagration would destroy within the bioship ending that nightmare, but this meant leading a giant suicide military action.
69 years after the arrival on Ar'Kereon, at the end of 89 days of uninterrupted war, after the sacrifice of many valiant warriors, Subcommander O'Mat'Ra, sacrificing himself, managed to introduce the device. The explosion was devastating. The earth collapsed under tha alliance feet. The Hive mind was finally destroyed.


Passed 11 years from Kor'Mahali battle, during those years the Alliance slowly recovered. Every colony specialized on its own but continued the coperation in order to survive on that barren planet, now their home. The colonies found the right balance with the help of their technology and became a true reality in itself.
By now no longer thought to the Warp bubble where they were trapped, but in the last 3 years the storm lost his intensity and stopped at the end of the seventyninth year after the expedition arrival. Two days after the end of the storm the radio system of the mother ship of the expedition, located in the Ar'Sol'Bor colony, recived a message from the Tau Empire.


Por'El Ar'Kor'Zor followed by his bodyguards arrived with his vessel on the ground of Ar'Kereon on Ar'Vorak colony. There, waiting for him there were the old Commander Koi'Par'Ka, his cadet, Subcommander Kar'Mann'Rui and the young Commander Tar'Nuvi'Kal from Ar'Sol'Bor colony.
The Empire's diplomat landed from the ship showing pride and determination followed by his guards heavily armed. After the customary pleasantries the four started to discuss about the last 80 years passed on Ar'Kereon, their meeting finished at the end of the day. What the Empire wanted from the Colonies Alliance was the return of all the inhabitants of Ar'Kereon and the delivery of all the technology acquired during those 80 years. Morover the leaders of the colonies would face a trial about their decision to destroy the Shamir biofleet.
If the alliance had not accepted the will of the Ethereal Council the Empire would attack Ar'Kereon planet and would have imprisoned the survivors. The only thing that came out from Par'Ka mouth was: -We are waiting the Empire-.
The allied colonies would never delivered their precious technology and they would never left their planet.
The day after Tau Empire sieged Ar'Kereon and disembarked an army on the surface of the planet. Thus it began the war of Indipendence of the Ar'Kereon planet.
The prohibitive conditions of the planet and the adaptating capacity of Ar'Kereon inhabitants helped once again the colonies alliance, morover their advanced technology and more powerful weaponry smashed the Empire army. In a short time the regular army was in trouble, so the Ethereal Council decided to improve sources employed sending other warriors and weaponry, but this didn't change the fate of the warfare, during the attacking phases the alliance did retreat the regular army, during the defending phases they retired inside their strong bastions that nobody could destroy. The Empire didn't have the resources for defeating the alliance. After a series of disastrous defeats and a big loss of vehicles, warriors and sources, leaders of the Empire decided to abort the war for many reasons. They didn't want to give birth to a new Farsight Enclave, in case of victory the rebellion of the Alliance would be an exemple to other separatist flanges, but it would be the same in case of defeat of the Empire, showing its vulnerability, so, after three months of warfare, a diplomatic convoy was sent to Ar'Kereon, that day born ITCA, the Indipendent Tau Colonies Alliance, a path was stipulated between the Empire and the Alliance:
Complete economic and operational independence from the Empire, but the Alliance should have helped the Tau Empire in case of attack to this in a bilaterally way.


The project consists in the realisation of the three big colonies: Ar'Vorak (comprending Ar'Ga'Rua and Shar'Morath), Ar'Sol'Bor and Kor'Mont'Ra. I'm going to post images of my scratchbuilt models and WIP of some of them. I've started with the most important colony, Ar'Vorak.
Some pictures are shown on these topics:[spoiler=]Battlesuits: http://www.advancedtautactica.com/viewt ... 21&t=23499
Firewarriors: http://www.advancedtautactica.com/viewt ... 35&t=23545[/spoiler]

Ar'Vorak Colony

Commander Koi'Par'Ka on his battlesuit - XV78 Vulcan


Subcommander Kar'Mann'Rui on his battlesuit - XV77 Energhya



Subcommander Guards Battlesuit - XV7 Stratos


Ar'Kereon Colony Fireblade


Ar'Kereon Colony Firewarrior


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Re: [Project Log] ITCA - Independent Tau Colonies Alliance

Post#2 » Aug 20 2015 07:07

Hi ATT, here some news about sculpting!

These are my Kor'Mahali Raiders, they are a sort of Tau cavalry on an alien camel species, their background will be shown at the end of painting job!
For the sculpting job I've use as base a Christmas sheep of the crib and, with some changes, I've sculpted head, fur and other details with a mixture of Green Stuff and Milliput, Black and Terracotta. In the pictures you can see a lot of diferent colour mold, this because I've tried some types of mixture as experiment.
First raider is completed, I must only fix his feet, for second and third raiders are completed only their mounts, next week I'm going to finish their knight:



A small detail of the first beast


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