[Project Log] Alo'rrayanoi (including Fluff discussion)

Post long term projects you have devised for your Tau or other hobby projects.
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[Project Log] Alo'rrayanoi (including Fluff discussion)

Post#1 » Oct 01 2015 06:25

Greetings fellow Tau enthusiasts,

here I will post my Progress on my Tau, Gue'vesa and other models, including small bits of Fluff for the models, further will this be the place to discuss my Background.

The first to fight for the Greater Good - Gue'vesa Militia

During the negotiations with the leaders of a planet, the Watercaste likes to plant the seed of insurgency into the minds of the civil population, just in case the negotiations get stuck or fail.
This concept has worked successfully on many occasions not only on Gue'la Planets.

Coming up: WIP Gue'vesa Militia (count as Penal Legion)


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