Tau, Necrons and Eldar - Triple Threat

Post long term projects you have devised for your Tau or other hobby projects.
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Tau, Necrons and Eldar - Triple Threat

Post#1 » Mar 28 2016 11:52

To cut a long story short, I faced indecision over what army to take when I first started out. I picked Tau because of all the races in 40k, they were the first that really, honestly clicked with me. They were my first love, and I purchased accordingly.

Necrons were my second choice, and Eldar tied with Orks for my third. Finding myself less inclined towards gaming than I initially thought, I think I'll give my cadre their battles in the Library section and focus on building (and maybe one day painting) models from each army as I like.

Right now here's a To Do list of upcoming models from each:
  1. Cadre Fireblade
  2. Strike Team no. 2
  3. Crisis Suit Bodyguards
  4. Vespid Stingwings
  5. Commander
  6. Two Misslesides
  7. Commander Shadowsun
  8. Stealth Suits x2
  9. Ghostkeel
  10. Kroot Carnivores x3
  11. Kroot Shaper
  12. Vespid Stingwings 2

  1. Overlord
  2. Warriors
  3. Scarabs
  4. Triarch Stalker
  5. Lychguard
  6. Immortals
  7. Heavy Destroyers
  8. Orikan the Diviner
  9. Transcendent C'tan
  10. Obelisk

  1. Farseer
  2. Guardian Defenders
  3. Howling Banshees
  4. Dire Avengers
  5. Fire Dragons
  6. Swooping Hawks
  7. Dark Reapers
  8. Eldrad
  9. Wraithguard
[note: Numbers not indicative of anything. Just to keep track of them for myself.]

I foresee frequent and constant pains in my wallet for my trouble, especially since I'll need a place to store all my models. Still, I feel it'll be worth it in the end when I have decent armies I can use in mix-and-match scenarios and which generally just look really good with or without paint. So begins a long modelling spree.
We are the Tau. This is our time. For the Greater Good!

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Re: Tau, Necrons and Eldar - Triple Threat

Post#2 » Apr 23 2016 09:50

Minor update. I have ordered the Cadre Fireblade and the super glue necessary to assemble him from GW's online store. They should be in store for pickup by the end of the month next Saturday. In the meantime, I'm gonna buy a can of Chaos black primer to get my models ready for painting and to prevent any more flash forming in the meantime on my resin models after I assemble them.

Over the Summer I'm planning to buy approximately €480 worth of models and equipment, more if I can get a job. It's something like this.

Start Collecting! Necrons (Overlord, Squad of Warriors, 2 mobs of Scarabs and Triarch Stalker)
Canoptek Wraiths
Heavy Destroyers (Destroyer Squadron + 3 Heavy Destroyer upgrade packs))

Farseer Skyrunner
Howling Banshees
Swooping Hawks
Dark Reapers

3'x3' Gaming Mat
Citadel Wood
Wall of Martyrs - Imperial Defense Implacement
We are the Tau. This is our time. For the Greater Good!

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