Evolution of the War Room

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Re: Evolution of the War Room

Post#21 » Oct 24 2016 09:15

Completely agree with Darklighter, I really like the green container finish. And also agree - would love to own some; but man.. my painting queue haha. :D

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Re: Evolution of the War Room

Post#22 » Oct 25 2016 03:57

Thank you all for all the great comments! :biggrin:

I have to say I can't recommend the container kits enough, they're fun to build and relatively quick to paint. Best of all they are so different painting wise to Tau, its a great way to break up the massive backlog of Tau we all undoubtedly have!

What makes them even better is how versatile they are as terrain, between me an my regular gaming buddy we have 6 and they're great for scatter terrain, zone mortalis objectives or can be stacked up to provide more substantial terrain (great for hiding a riptide behind!).

Shas'O Darklighter wrote:The yellow stipe on the green container is sexy man. I'd love to see how you did it. The set is looking lovely I'd say I'll have to pick some up but they'll have to go to the back of a very long cue, lol.

You're wish is my command Darklighter......the yellow strip is really simple to do:

1) Container was undercoated with Chaos Black spray
2) A very broad strip (much wider than the final one) was painted on using 2 thinned coats of Averland Sunset and then finally dry brushed with Yriel Yellow.
3) Weathering was done by watering down Doombull brown (to the consistency of milk) and painting thin lines in all the recesses, this is what makes it look like dirt has accumulated.
4) Carefully wrap a thin strip of modelling masking tape right round the container where you want your yellow stripe to be.
5)Paint the rest of the container Castellan Green, being careful, but not to careful around the tape (make sure you go over the tape edge).
6) Once dry peel of the tape and you'll have a yellow stripe....in some places the green will have got under the tape edge but this gives the effect that the yellow is on top and has flaked away revealing the green underneath.
7) Lightly stipple more of the Castellan Green onto the yellow in places to get more areas where it looks like the stripe has been worn away.
8) Put a little Agrax Earth Shade onto a pallet and leave it for 5 mins to thicken a bit and then use it sparingly to apply the leaks as much as you like.
9)Not required but you can also finish up with a very light dry brush of necron compound on very raised areas showing were all the paint has weathered away revealing the bare metal.

Hope that helps, love to know how you get on if you give it a try.....the doombull brown trick is a great simple weathering technique that also works on vehicles etc.

Hope to have a more substantial update for both the War Room and my Nightwind Cadre soon.


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