Christian's Commie Tau

Post long term projects you have devised for your Tau or other hobby projects.
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Re: Christian's Commie Tau

Post#19 » Oct 12 2016 02:44

Definitely, I think they'l look even better when painted up.

Armies on Parade: All construction and priming done, 3(.5) days to go. The airbrushing hood is getting crowded.

- Christian

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Re: Christian's Commie Tau

Post#20 » Oct 12 2016 04:57

Wow ...that looks like a lot to do in 3.5 days! :eek:

Good luck!

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Re: Christian's Commie Tau

Post#21 » Oct 17 2016 10:41

Looking great!

I really like what you have done with the Riptide shields, especially filling in the Tau symbol. I may have to steal this idea for mine (if it ever gets finished...)

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Re: Christian's Commie Tau

Post#22 » Oct 20 2016 10:21

I'm eagerly awaiting your results from Armies on Parade. How did things work out? Did you finish in time?

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