Von'ta Cadre Project Log

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Von'ta Cadre Project Log

Post#1 » Oct 08 2016 06:47

This is actually the second Tau force I've had, after undergoing a major repaint across a lot of stuff it eventually coincided with the release of the "new" Codex and my purchase of an airbrush. A few of the models are from the pre-airbrush phase where I tried to get the soft, blue gradient by basically glazing the models with successively-lighter colours, which turned out alright. Ultimately eclipsed by what an airbrush could do, and in a mere fraction of the time as well.

As far as playing the army, I tend to rely on Breachers in Devilfishes, which are a unit that fitted right in with my playstyle. Up close and personal, they're shooty, little bruisers. I occasionally run Darkstrider with a squad so I can Outflank it and they benefit from his -1T on target ability, which makes them frigging horrific against a lot of targets. Also with his D6 retreat ability and a little mind games convincing my opponent to charge from outside 5" to avoid the nasty bit of the Pulse Blasters, they can be surprisingly slippery as well. (At least, slippery enough to allow help to drop in.)

Anyway, get ready for a pic dump!

Commander Shas'O Vorcah:

I'm a big fan of the "O'Mortal" build of a tanky Shas'O Commander, so this guy needed to be big, beefy and intimidating to prove that. He's a Broadside with Razorshark Thruster Drone engines on the shoulder mount, and has various bitbashed parts from his weapons to his "head." Was a fun model to build and also to paint, I used him as the testbed for the current scheme, (took two weeks to paint by-hand, gah I wish I had an airbrush back then, haha!)



Poster child for why I prefer using an airbrush now. Only one painted so far, got a Hammerhead queued up that'll get similar treatment.

Stealth Suits:


Tried to go for a "transitioning out of camo" effect on these, with the tesselating segments across the top of the body in bright colours, while the waist-down is the same colour as the ground they're standing on. Short of casting them in transparent resin I can't think of many other ways to make them look genuinely stealthy, (though the colours are inconsistent, I know.) They're two different squads in different environs, there's my excuse. :P

Ghostkeel and Riptide:


The first models I tried airbrushing for this army, and the first time I've painted things by sub-assembly, (turned out to be essential for this army.) The Ghostkeel invariably ends up leading the above Stealth Suits as part of an Optimised Stealth Cadre, which is sadly a bit too cheesy most of the time, but makes my beloved Stealth Suits really good. I only really crack it out for fairly competitive games anyway. The Riptide is my stoic fire magnet, hence the pose. Charges her shields up every chance she gets, powers forward, draws fire, and charges stuff. She's the linebreaker to allow the rest of my forces to take advantage of an off-balance opponent.

Broadside and Crisis Suits:


The first two pics are airbrushed, the last pic was hand-painted, (you can probably tell.) Broadside has a brother which I'll get pics of later, the brother was also hand painted. The first pair of Crisis Suits were converted from Forge World Broadsides, I fluff 'em as having big anti-grav generators instead of thrusters, so they can reduce their mass to leap large distances and land softly, rather than using thrusters. The last two Crisis Suits were heavily converting from a load of bitz. I really like each Crisis Suit being a unique weapon, especially these guys who normally act as the dedicated guard for my Commander.



The good ol' Troops and suchlike. My Breachers are my mainstay as I really love the guys, plus those Guardian Drones can make them surprisingly-hard to shift. With a Devilfish they're a pretty major threat to my opponent, but not so expensive that I can't support them. The Fire Warriors are my backline unit, chucking S5 downrange, picking off infantry targets, all that jazz. Also the only fully-handpainted unit in the above four images. The Pathfinders I tend to run in small, cheap squads to mitigate cost and losses where possible. Makes them vulnerable, but my lists don't tend to rely on Markerlights as much as they used to. The squad with 3 Ion Rifles is a cheap disruption squad I like to run now-and-then. Outflank into the enemy's deployment zone to shoot some tanks up the bum or something. A crippled Predator pays for them, and if I'm applying pressure properly they often drop down the priority list a bit, leaving them freedom to wreak havoc...

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Re: Von'ta Cadre Project Log

Post#2 » Nov 28 2016 01:55

This is pretty nice, I like the blue am just doing some random browsing and found your army here.

I like the jet pack conversion what did you use?

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Re: Von'ta Cadre Project Log

Post#3 » Nov 29 2016 02:42

I can't believe this never got a reply until now. Well done CoffeeGrunt. The airbrush really helps. Your subtle transitions are great, and the smooth finish on that Devilfish is beautiful. You're making me want to go back and re-paint mine.

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Re: Von'ta Cadre Project Log

Post#4 » Nov 29 2016 04:17

Class work - and the kitbashed Commander is great - had me wondering where the heck those slim line thrusters came from!

Did you use a varnish to finish the Devilfish cockpit viewport?

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