Glitchface's Cadre completion log.

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Glitchface's Cadre completion log.

Post#1 » Nov 01 2016 07:20


Hey guys, I've been part of this awesome community since 2010. I learned how to handle the Tau's exclusively through ATT and I owe you guys a lot.

My army mainly started for the gaming part of the hobby, slowly i got caught up in the modeling and painting aspect of it. In 2011 I crashed my car on a rainy day and rolled it a couple times. I got out with scratches thanks to seat belts, but my Cadre, which wasn't in a proper army suitcase at the time, literally exploded. I reglued and rescued what I needed to play my 1500ish points game, but never got to fully rebuild my massive collection. I now own a very nice army case, very good tires and I am nearly done refurbishing the Cadre.

I'll try to keep updates coming in as much as I can.

Rough model collection:

- 8 Devilfish
- 2 Hammerhead
- 4 Pirhanas
- 12 Xv8
- 2 Commanders
- 65 Fire warriors
- 16 Pathfinders
- 9 Stealth suits
- Fireblade
- Ethereal
- Darkstrider
- Ghostkeel +drones
- Riptide +drones
- 9 Sniper drones
- 22 Marker drones
- 20+ Gun drones
- 10 Shield drones
- 6 Vespids
- 25 Kroots + krootox + Shaper

All the suits are magnetized.

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Re: Glitchface's Cadre completion log.

Post#2 » Nov 01 2016 07:27

The drone net formation really got me going crazy over drones, i needed more marker drones. At least 16 to run a full marker drone net. I now have around 20.


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Re: Glitchface's Cadre completion log.

Post#3 » Nov 01 2016 08:35

Very cool man, liking the smoke sfx in the first photo. Glad the community has been an inspiration, and look forward to your updates.

You're also one of those crazy people I admire who paints white! :D

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