[mattspooner] ~ Farsight Enclaves for SWA/8th/Epic

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[mattspooner] ~ Farsight Enclaves for SWA/8th/Epic

Post#1 » May 18 2017 03:12

I played Tau in 5th but got disheartened and stopped playing 40k when it went over to 6th. Was getting my 40k fix from Epic Armageddon. The release of SWA and promise of 8th has got me excited and giddy again.

Will be playing a Farsight Enclaves army that has been in the field on a desert planet for some time, so expect dirt, dust, chipping and battle damage along with some Earth caste field modifications.

A taste of what is to come, a homemade Marker Drone...


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Re: [mattspooner] ~ Farsight Enclaves for SWA/8th/Epic

Post#2 » May 18 2017 07:25

T'ah, I know what you mean! Skipped 7th edition entirely, when it came only out two years after 6th. Saved lots of $$$ from not buying the Farsight book, Damocles, Mont'ka or Kauyon. Not to mention Riptides and Stormsurges. If I want to play Pacific Rim game, then I play Apocalypse. Wait isn't that what Apocalypse games are for big models and big points?

Like your drone. Battle scared and damaged, seen a lot this kor'vesa. Then again if like the Enclaves, you only fought Orks for 230 years; all your equipment would show it wouldn't you think? ;)

Looking forward to seeing the rest of the cadre.

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Re: [mattspooner] ~ Farsight Enclaves for SWA/8th/Epic

Post#3 » May 19 2017 09:13

That weathering and damage looks amazing. Could you possibly spare some tips on how you got that effect?

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