Lore's deserters.

Post long term projects you have devised for your Tau or other hobby projects.
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Lore's deserters.

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Welcome to my Tau army project log!
I haven't played or painted anything since 5th ed. When I was building an Imperial guard and Tyranid army to fight on a desert world and using very similar colour schemes. I still have loads of these to complete but decided to have some time to myself and a new project, just a few hours a week in the hope of recapturing the pleasure I found in assembling, converting, modelling & painting figures. During the summer I built myself a workshop and at Christmas I brought myself some Tau!

I'm not much of a player or tactician so some of my models will not be sensible choices, its more figures I like and wacky ideas i have rather than a functional competitive army.

I think I'm an OK painter and will be painting to what I consider a good tabletop quality.

Current Painting Goal:

HQs and Characters:
Ethereal not on a drone but converted from this figure from the Starting Tau box | Status: 1/1 On sprue
Cadre Fireblade converted from Strike team figures | Status: 1/1 On sprue
Kroot shaper found it in a box when I was looking for rippers, don't remember ever buying it? bare-flashy metal
Commander Enforcer NOT Coldstar | Status: partially constructed and converted see work on this here:

Fire Warriors | Status: 10 on sprue.
Pathfinders | Status: 10/10 parialy assembled and painted (tend to paint on sprue, assemble, base, touch up).
Kroot | 14 on sprue from years ago when I was using them in my Imperial convict squads.
Breachers | 10 will construct from old Skaven heads, legs & tails, Bluestuffed torsos & spare parts from Firewarriors set.

XV8 Battlesuits | Status: 1 built
XV8 Battlesuits Bodyguard | Status: 1 partially built
XV7 Pathfinder support suit | Status: working on concept and rules, will be a converted XV8, here's some work on her:

I plan on trying to complete at least a sample of each figure soon and use this as an index to modelling & experimental rules posts that I will link here.

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