Supplier review: Triple helix wargames

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Supplier review: Triple helix wargames

Post#1 » Jan 09 2018 04:46

Triple helix are possibly the cheapest supplier of GW products in the UK. However, their customer service is appalling. It used to be the case that orders were slow (~2 weeks) to arrive and that was just the price you paid for cheapness. However, they're going beyond the pale now. An order placed in November has still not been delivered and the phones and emails are going unanswered.
In addition, they've also been exceptionally rude to other members of my group when they have enquired about late orders last year.
Absolute abysmal, do not touch with a barge pole

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Re: Supplier review: Triple helix wargames

Post#2 » Jan 09 2018 06:40

Thanks for letting us know. Hope your stuff arrives eventually...

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Re: Supplier review: Triple helix wargames

Post#3 » Jan 11 2018 11:07

Hello. I bought only once from THW, and the prices, customer service and delivery times were good. (~2 weeks is good to me considering the fact that often they must order to GW and wait for the items to arrive).
But due to this topic, I messaged them, and had a response.
I copy paste both my message and their response, to letting you know what happened.
Sincerely I hope that both you and them can understand each other, and that this help them to improve their customer service and their service in general.
I found that a positive approach make the things more prone to be resolved and make the world better.

Kerrygan wrote:

Hello, THW team.
I'm writing because I'm concerned about something that happened recently:
in a popular online community a user post about you a very bad review.
He talks about your customer service, which he says is the worst and other similar stuff. Some members agreed with him: your image is bad in that community, apparently due to your customer service and times of delivery.
I have a good experience with you, so I don't have any complain.
Just wanna point this out to you, if it serves to improve something.
Maybe you could review your customer service or something, I don't know.
I want the world to be a better place, and all counts.
I want you to ride and shine too :)
Well, please forgive my wording, I'm not a native english speaker.

Triple Helix Wargames wrote:

Thank you Kerrygan, because we can't keep all of the items in the warehouse (due to the fact we keep everything 20-25% beneath the RRP) inevitably some customers feel let down if they don't realise this. Sometimes we have to order items in and this causes a delay. We do try and be as transparent as possible and all of our delivery policies are on the website. Tell anyone that asks that they'll always get a speedy response to queries via this page. It's monitored daily and at weekends. Many thanks for your concern, Rachel.

Edit: btw, the page that Rachel mention is their Facebook page.

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