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Review Article Format Guide

Post#1 » Feb 02 2013 09:18

Welcome to the review section.

Below you will find a set of suggested guidelines to be used for posting in the reviews section. You may find that some of the criteria or definitions do not apply to what you are posting, which is perfectly acceptable and you should go forward with what information is relevant. Please keep in mind ATT’s fundamental primers when posting reviews, and read any articles present to assist with properly photographing your product.

The following is a structure you can follow, not a set of rules, but having consistent reviews helps keep up the quality here on ATT. It also allows for members to quickly glance through sections relevant during a quick reference.

A quick template to further assist members will be following these guidelines.

Product Title/Name:
This should be present in your post title and in the beginning of your post. Be as detailed as possible to avoid confusion with similarly named subjects. Post a picture of your product also.

Item Number:
Typically, products will have a stock/item/vendor number to go along with their title or name. This will be helpful to the reader when one or more variations of a product are being reviewed, Eg: The Tyranid Carnifex has had more than one rendition in its time, with two separate stock or item numbers.

It would be helpful to include a price of the product but depending on where the review is living this may not translate well for each reader. This can be posted at the author’s discretion.

Often applicable when it comes to plastic models, the item dimensions or scale can be posted to assist the reader in an opinion or purchasing decision. A size comparison photo would be a great addition.

Where Available:
Please include where you acquired the item, and if purchased online, include a link if possible.

Please try to include as much information about issues and if you required anything extra to use this product. This is a good spot to include how you feel with your product and anything special you want the reader to know. Eg: You are reviewing a limited edition resin kit that is so well cast, it fell together!

Here you can briefly describe your product and set the reader up with information not covered in the rest of the review. Often times if relating to a historical subject the reviewer will explain the development of said product in its real life application if reviewing a model, or describe a products usage such as an airbrush.

The Product:
When you are opening the box/lid/blister/etc what do you see? Nicely packaged and well thought out sprues, or a pile of resin in random dingy bags? Give the reader a good feel for what your first impressions are. A part count or description of components is very much sought after and you should try to include relevant quantities of interesting pieces.

This section will be an ideal place to describe how your product handled for its intended use. This may not be applicable in all scenarios, but for the most part this will form the bulk of your review. Here you can include pictures of your process and your product to help illustrate and add value to your text. A picture is literally worth a thousand words when describing an abstract notion or issue.

Sometimes when you are building a kit or using a tool, there may be multiple settings or option available to the author. Here is a good place to list those differences. Eg: an Imperial Guardsman model can be equipped in various poses and with all sorts of weapons.

Your Conclusion:
How did you feel this product lived up to your expectations? Provide a fair assessment of whether or not you felt the product was a good value and would you buy it again? Listing alternative or competing products in a comparison is helpful but not necessary here. These remarks should leave the reader with a firm understanding of your thoughts on the product.

Please keep an open and fair (unbiased) opinion of the product you are covering. Most of you will be reviewing examples with promotion of that item in mind, excitedly sharing with the community your findings and enthusiasm. This will show in your review, it is not recommended any author deliberately sell an item to the viewers.

With all this in mind, please review the template section and use what suits your next review.

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