[Review] Female Tau from Zealot Miniatures

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[Review] Female Tau from Zealot Miniatures

Post#1 » Sep 17 2013 11:30

Being an admirer of the female form, I decided I wanted to have some good looking Tau girls in my cadre filling various roles from Piranha pilots to Fire Warriors. So I went about sampling various methods of achieving this, one of which was the Kadesh Female parts from Zealot Miniatures (I also bought one of their Rocker sprues, because who doesn't love a good guitar solo?). Now that I've seen the quality, I should have also bought some of their male Tau bits to spice up my army a bit but I think I'll be fine.

Casting: 9/10

The overall casting quality is above par. Very little flash on the parts, good crisp details, good quality resin that isn't too brittle. Some very minor pitting in some of the deeper recesses, but nothing you'd notice. Mold lines are pretty understated.

All in all, I would place the casting quality well above that of Forge World. They're that good.

Design: 8/10

There are a lot of things to consider here. First and foremost, and the reason I scored Design an 8 instead of a 7, is the simple fact that they have designed a good looking female Tau product, which to my knowledge is not available anywhere else. You've got arms/guns, heads, and torsos available in different packs, each of which come with enough to do 6 models.

Heads come in sets of three with 2 of each head in the pack. There isn't much expression sculpted on the piece itself, but there's just enough that you can easily tweak it depending on how you choose to paint it. The heads are neither freakishly large or small compared to normal FW heads, but the neck is significantly thinner and so you might consider bulking the neck up with green stuff if you want to use it with the standard chest piece.

Arms were the sleeper hit of the order for me. The detail is excellent and these bits walk the line between a more feminine thinness of the limb itself and enough armor to make them believable. The guns are very well sculpted, and are a medium between the carbine and the rifle, with enough similarities to count as either. Also, and this was the biggest surprise, a couple of the arm sets are left-handed! You have a variety of poses here and you can use this to really set your fire warriors apart. One thing to watch out for, at least for you perfectionists out there, is that the Kadesh hands have a full 5 fingers. However, the pinky finger is barely even there and is *very* easy to scratch off, almost as though they took that into account when sculpting the pieces.

The chest pieces are probably the biggest single draw when you're converting your Fire Warriors to females, because there is no clearer indicator of femininity at this small a scale than for the model to have breasts. Obviously, there is some small debate as to whether a Tau female would have breasts based on the fluff, so you can use these (or not) at your own choosing. At first glance, the proportions seem a bit off. The breasts themselves are very large, but that's a necessity at this small a scale. Furthermore, when you add on the big guns and the shoulder armor and all the other trappings, they don't look bad at all. The torso is also thinner, front to back, and the neck joint is set up for the Kadesh female heads, not the standard FW helmets. You can still use standard helmets, you just have to shave the neck down to make it thinner. There's a slight lack of details on the torsos, but not so much that I'd complain. More like it leaves you free to add your own if you want.

There are two varieties of chest pieces, light and heavy. The heavy chest is fully armored along the abdomen and comes with a little icon necklace right at the center of the collar bone. The light version has an exposed midriff that looks pretty nice. If you're a stickler for realism, then you don't have to paint the stomach with skin tones, you can simply paint it the same color as the rest of the soft armor on your tau infantry to represent a tight bodysuit.

One thing you need to remember with these is that if you're using the Kadesh female chests, you *absolutely* need the arms to go with them. The breasts get in the way of the standard FW arms, which are sculpted to go across a totally flat torso.

Price: 7/10

This is the only real drawback. At about $6 a pack, or $1 per fire warrior per bit, you might feel the cost pretty hard if you're doing a lot of infantry. It's nowhere as bad as other companies like Kabuki or Kingdom Death as far as price gouging, but it's still nothing to sneeze at.

Here is a shot of the Female (light) Torso and Head tacked onto the standard legs to give you an idea of proportions.

As you can see, the breasts look overly large at first. That's okay, because it balances out in the end. Here is a more complete model done up in the wargear of my Dubstep Desert Raider squad (heavy torso):

See how the addition of the arms and equipment balances out the chest? This is without even adding the shoulder pads (I'm out of those right now lol).

Final verdict is that Zealot has produced a very high quality product. Their other products include 28mm versions of popular characters like Jill Valentine from Resident Evil, Major Kusanagi from GITS, and Bayonetta, plus their own variants of battlesuits/dreadnaughts and a variety of bits. Check them out!

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