[Review] Micro-Art TauCeti Range

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[Review] Micro-Art TauCeti Range

Post#1 » Nov 20 2013 03:00

Greetings today I want to tell you a little about the TauCeti range of Micro-Art,


there are all necessary sizes of Bases for your Tau army and they fit surprisingly well into the Tau Range of GW, just like they where made for it. ;)

They have the appearance of a ruined underground, like marble-plates with TauCeti letters engraved on them and there are multiple different pieces scattered over them, cables, pipes and pieces of wargear.
There are also Bases with only broken and engraved marble-plates in their ruins range.
I could not find any miscasts on the bases and only minor bubbles, but they have exclusively been on the bottom-side of the bases.

120mm oval base (sold single pack):
Image Image

60mm round base (sold single pack):
Image Image

40mm round base (sold in 2 pack):
Image Image

25mm round base (sold in 5 pack):
Image Image

Defense Line,

The TauCeti Defense Line looks amazing and will surely look great on the table, there is also an amazing Wraithbone Defence Line for those nasty Space-Elves.

Opposite to the Bases, there are a quite a few miscasts and more bubbles, some of the bubbles are huge, but they are apart from a few small bubbles also at the bottom-side of the pieces.

Image Image

More opinions about the Defense Line can be found here

I am looking forward to paint those pieces and show you the bases under the feet of my Tau!

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