[REVIEW] Base-X-of-War

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[REVIEW] Base-X-of-War

Post#1 » Jan 16 2014 01:14

Hey all, just a quick review of the bases I have been using for my XV8 Crisis Teams and slowly been painting up to make them more than three colour minimum table ready.

Product Title/Name:
Base-X-of-War City Battle Bases 60mm

Item Number:
City Battle Base A
City Battle Base B
City Battle Base C

City Battle Base A £3.30
City Battle Base B £3.80
City Battle Base C £3.80


Where Available:

Needs to be washed/cleaned with dishwashing soap and left in water for 1/2-1 hour to clean cast moulding. Discounts on orders over £60.

The Product:
A line of resin bases that is of a mid-to-high level cast that is multi-part allowing you to configure your bases in varying manner to allow for characterful displays. Packaging is very neat, bubblewrap is used to secure all items inside are safely delivered, all bases are separated by style in bits bags to allow for easy assembly and division. You will usually find an extra piece of rubble or two in the bits bags as thank yous for high-volume orders.

Pieces come together nicely using Citadel Super Glue and do not require a lot of time to seal to the base if you elect to add additional pieces of resin or plastic.

Most bases come in two-three parts, allowing you to mix and match your bases as you see fit, allowing you to pose your models on dynamic bases as opposed to static positions.

Base-X-of-War makes excellent resin bases that offer a series of different themes. They are very good at tracking orders and ensuring that if multiple orders are placed that you still get your discount. Orders are done via PayPal and are shipped via RoyalMail and arrived across the Atlantic into Toronto, Ontario within a week of placing my order, even at times leading into Christmas where there are usually great delays.

*Yes, I have photos and am uploading them now.




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