[Review] Blood and Skulls Industry - Various

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[Review] Blood and Skulls Industry - Various

Post#1 » Jul 16 2015 04:01

Blood and Skulls Industry - Nova Cannon and Tank Reactor


Product Name: Nova Cannon and Tank Reactor

eBay Item Number:
Nova Cannon: 251590245767
Tank Reactor: 251177548053

Price: (at time of review and purchase)
Nova Cannon: $8.00
Tank Reactor: $7.50

Scale:28mm Heroic

Material: Resin

Where Available: eBay seller - http://www.ebay.ca/usr/machinator248?_t ... 7675.l2559

Notes: Made of dark grey resin, some air bubbles present and a few areas of flash. Typically these attributes indicate a worn mold or basic casting processes.

Introduction: Blood and Skulls Industry (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Blood-an ... 77?fref=ts) has been hand crafting accessories for Warhammer 40,000 models and casting conversion parts in resin. Various add-ons and conversion parts are available to would be customizers and a plethora of options await curious newcomers to the World of heroic scale aftermarket.

The Product: I am reviewing two separate pieces which may be used in conjunction with one another but are otherwise independent. These two examples typify what I have experienced with my purchases from Blood and Skulls Industry. Both pieces seem to me to be more archaic in their form, and harken back to the Horus Heresy era of the fictional 40K universe.

The Nova Cannon:


The Tank Reactor:



Options: None.

Conclusion: These are handcrafted (think plastic sheet and green stuff) models which exhibit a high degree of detail considering their origins. They are perfect for displaying components of vehicles and weapons platforms which fit into a era defined by the stylization of the Horus Heresy. These models are on par with Forgeworld's earliest offerings and would not look out of place among models like the super heavy tanks and Legion vehicles.

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