Cadre Building Best Practice

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Cadre Building Best Practice

Post#1 » Jan 28 2013 12:16

Tau'va Cadre Commanders,

If you are relatively new to the Tau Army, this is the place to post your Army Lists. Fear not as we have many very experienced and friendly Tau veterans whom can offer you helpful advice to fast track your success and are very happy to do so.

I would ask that you consider some very basic guidelines when posting your army list to produce the results your deserve;

1. Please give it some thought before posting. Ask yourself what your purpose is for posting and then politely mention that purpose and any pertinent questions you have. I guarantee that this is the best way to get good responses. People will respond to the level of enthusiasm you put into your initial post, make it count.

2. Take the time to proof-read and spell check your list. Make it as easy to read and as eye-friendly as possible. A quality thread will receive quality replies.

3. Make mention of your mini collection if it is a limiting factor in your list making. If you only have what you have and don't want to buy more or different minis, best to say it up front so that those offering replies know that they need to work with what you have.

4. Please be humble and open to advice and prepared to make change and thank the posters for their time, efforts and ideas. Don't feel the need to be defensive about your creation.

Thank you for your effort when publishing your list, it is appreciated by the community as a whole.

Be sure to check out the following guide : How to post an Army List
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