1850 ITC Dawn Blade Contingent, possible Necron Allies

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1850 ITC Dawn Blade Contingent, possible Necron Allies

Post#1 » Sep 09 2016 07:31

Dawn Blade Contingent

Hunter Cadre

Commander: 2x Missile Pod, Drone Controller, Target Lock, 2x Marker Drones- 152

Crisis Suit: 2x Fusion Blaster

5x Strikes
5x Strikes
5x Breachers

5x Pathfinders

Stormsurge: Pulse Blastcannon, Airbursting Frag Projector, EWO, Counterfire Defense System, Shields- 425

Drone Net

4x4 Marker Drones- 224

Skysweep Missile Defense

3x Skyrays w/ Blacksun Filters, 1x Devilfish with SMS- 438

Canoptek Harvest- 368


6x Wraiths: 6x Whipcoils

3x Scarabs

Total: 1849

I know the CAD and Hunter Contingent are more popular options, but here's my rationale:

Other Stormsurges, Wraithknights, deathstars, IKs are all easier for me to kill in a DBC. I think I have more than sufficient marker support in the list so a hunter contingent doesn't help me as much as reroll pen and wounds.

I also understand no one is using the skysweep formation; but it's my only way of getting skyrays in a DBC and I still think they're great. Alpha strike; anti Stormsurge/Wraithknights/hive tyrants and provide marker support and windrider-killin SMS after they fire their missile racks.

As for the Crons; I thought about a Cullexus and am open to swapping out but I just figured that expert deathstar players simply know how to mitigate it. At least the Crons have more staying power. What do you think? Although Hit and Run is a concern. The wraiths aren't much of a tarpit if the deathstar has it; and many of the close combat oriented ones do...

What do you think? Can I stand up against super friends/warp spider spam/IKs / riptide wing?

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