1500pts league in LGS

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1500pts league in LGS

Post#1 » Oct 19 2016 02:52

Hi, after getting 2nd place in previous league (lost only vs. Necrons' Decurion with Canoptek Harvest) I think about the list to play in the next one :)

The only restriction is max. 2 detachments (and an unwritten rule that Gargantuans/Super-heavy are 0-1 choice). Also, I don't want to field Riptide Wing.

So I think about something like this:

@Primary Detachment

Farsight Enclaves Combined Arms Detachment

Commander (210pt.) Crisis battlesuit; Drone controller; Vectored retro-thrusters; Shield generator; Neuroweb System Jammer; Command and control node; Multi-spectrum Sensor Suit; XV8-02 Crisis 'Iridium' Battlesuit; The Talisman of Arthas Moloch;

XV104 Riptide battlesuit (226pt.) Bonding knife ritual; Ion accelerator; Twin-linked smart missile system; Early warning override; Stimulant injector;

3x - XV8 Crisis Battlesuits (246pt.) Bonding knife ritual; Plasma rifle (x2); Target lock; Gun Drone (x2);

XV8 Crisis Battlesuits (33pt.) Bonding knife ritual; Flamer (x2);

XV8 Crisis Battlesuit (33pt.) Bonding knife ritual; Flamer (x2);

XV88 Broadside Battlesuit(65pt.); Twin-linked high-yield missile pod; Twin-linked smart missile system; Bonding knife ritual;

KV128 Stormsurge (455pt.); Pulse driver cannon; Twin-linked airbursting fragmentation projector; Early warning override; Velocity tracker; Shield generator;

@Secondary Detachment

Drone-Net VX1-0

MV7 Marker Drone (x4);
MV7 Marker Drone (x4);
MV7 Marker Drone (x4);
MV7 Marker Drone (x4);


Buffmander is to DS with plasma suits to get objective markers and put some hurt on hiding units.

Two double flamer monats are for getting objecrive markers. Flamers are here because there are guys playing Orks and Tyranids in meta, so flamers can put a lot of hurt on their big infantry units.

Riptide because it's just awesome and I like the model :D

Broadside - 2+ Sv with rockets staying on objective marker in my deployment zone - also good to destroy some light vehicles (like Rhinos) to let the KB128 wipe out the passengers.

Stormsurge - main source of firepower here. AFP to deal with swarms of Orks/Tyranids that can come close enough, PDC to ID tough units and hunt AV14 vehicles, EWO and VT keep enemy flyers and drop pods away.

Drone net - marker support, especially for KV128 for possible D-missles alpha strike hunting enemy Gargantuans/Super-heavies or just units that must die quickly (like Spyder in Canoptek Harvest).

I will probably face Eldars x2, Necrons, Orks, Tyranids and a couple of Space Marines chapters.

What do you think about that ? Is it competitive enough ? How can I improve it ? Would missle pods be better than plasmas on XV8s ?

Thank you in advance for feedback :)

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