2000 points, fun, fluff army

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Re: 2000 points, fun, fluff army

Post#11 » Jan 12 2017 03:01

You have a team of 3 suits with double fusion, and also an OSC upgraded with both markerlights and fusion. I think the Stealth teams should drop their upgrades altogether. With 12 marker drones in the Drone net, you are fairly well set as far as markerlights go. And due to the OSC special rules, Stealth suits don't need fusion to hurt big vehicles. Burst cannon is plenty fine for that purpose. Same deal with the Ghostkeel.

So back to the Crisis suits. You only really need fusion now if the vehicles you're facing don't have weak Rear Armor. There aren't many vehicles like that and you should probably be fine with just 2 suits with fusion. It lets you add an extra Plasma suit. The points you get back from the Stealth suits, spend them on Target Locks for the Riptides.

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