First time Cadre building 1500 point army

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First time Cadre building 1500 point army

Post#1 » Jan 16 2017 11:50

Hey everyone! First time building a Tau army and I'd love some feedback on what to add or subtract to make my list more effective. My idea is pretty straight forward. Have the Mark'o join a unit of ML drones and light fools up. The firewarriors and stormsurge will sit back and hold the line and slowly move up to secure objectives. The crisis team will DS in when the enemy get to close for comfort while the riptide tears up any advancing units. The pathfinders will act as a secondary ML platform and hopefully sit in cover and draw the enemies fire away from my main force. Lwt me know what ya think.

Hunter Cadre Formation:


Commander. 168
Plasmax2 30, DC 8, TL 5, PEN 15, Irid 25
X2 ML drones 24


Strike teamx5. 65
Shas'ui 10, DS8 10

Strike teamx5. 65
Shas'ui 10, DS8 10

Breachers teamx5.    55
Shas'ui 10


XV8 Crisisx3. 204
Shas'vre 10, FB 30, PR 30, PR 15, MP 15, SG 25 DC 8, TL 5

XV 104 Riptide. 215
SI 35

Fast Attack

Pathfinders 75.        
Shas'ui 10, Ion 10,


Stormsurge 430
SG 50, ABP 5, Pulse driver 15

Drone network formation:

Drone squad x4. 224   


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