First Campaign 1850

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First Campaign 1850

Post#1 » Jan 23 2017 10:12

My gaming club run a 40K campaign every year and I am entering for the first time. The standard of campaigns at the clubs is competitive but nothing like the standard at more professionally organised ones; 'net' lists and broken armies are few and far between, so I am hoping to have a reasonably competitive list that will allow me to win a few games and have fun along the way. Any comments on the make up of the following would be greatly appreciated:


CCN, PEN, MSS, Iridium Battlesuit
Drone Controller, Stimulant Injector
2 Marker Drones


10 Fire Warriors

10 Fire Warriors

10 Fire Warriors

Fast Attack

5 Pathfinders

5 Pathfinders


3 Crisis Battlesuits
6 Gun Drones
1x Gun Controller, 2x Target Lock
3x 2 Plasma Rifles

3 Crisis Battlesuits

6 Gun Drones
1x Gun Controller, 2x Target Lock
3x 2 Fusion Blasters

2 Riptide Battlesuits

Target Lock

Heavy Support

Hammerhead Tank
Submunition Round
Disruption Pod

3 Broadside Battlesuits
2 Target Locks
HYMP on each

List clocks in at 1,849

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Re: First Campaign 1850

Post#2 » Jan 23 2017 09:19

I'm pretty new to Tau and 40k in general, so I'm only semi-confident in the advice I'm going to give you. If someone else comes along and contradicts me, you should probably listen to them. That said, here are my thoughts:

First: Does your club allow you to run formations other than the CAD? If they do, have you considered adding a formation detachment with the Drone Net VX1-0 formation? This is probably my favorite formation right now, because it takes drones from being merely okay to being very good. If you added a Drone Net running 50/50 Gun Drones and Marker Drones, dropping the pathfinders and the crisis squad drones, you would end up with substantially more survivable, mobile, and at least equally accurate markerlight sources, and you could drop the drone controllers from the crisis teams. You would lose out on the crisis teams using the gun drones as ablative wounds, but it should still be possible to screen the teams with the gun drones as if they were in the same squad. It is unfortunately not possible to use this formation and end up with both the same total number of markerlights and gun drones as you had originally, but you can get close.

Aside from the drone net idea, you've got a lot of fusion blasters and all in one squad. Unless you're expecting to see a lot of heavy vehicles, I'd be concerned about how much utility they'll provide. Lighter vehicles can be glanced to death by missile pods and cyclic ion blasters, and plasma rifles can even penetrate semi-reliably. My understanding is that typically fusion blasters are used only to deal with high AV vehicles, and are deep struck to get maximum pen. The suit isn't really expected to survive this, but the trade is worth it if it removes a durable, high-threat enemy vehicle. Since the fusion blaster needs to be so close to be effective, deep striking is the most practical way to get it to its target. You could deep-strike your fusion squad, but you have a lot of points sunk into it. Beyond that, 1-2 fusion shots at close range is pretty likely to destroy most vehicles from the side or rear armor: unless there are several heavy vehicles, all close together, 6 fusion shots is probably overkill. That squad needs to be in a dangerous location to deal maximum damage to heavy vehicles, and is likely to incur lots of damage. Are you expecting to see so many heavy vehicles that it's worth dropping in so many points? If not, why not use high-S weapon options to glance lighter vehicles down, and rely on Longstrike to take out the heavies? If you're already swapping out the fusion blasters of the second crisis team to a more anti-TEQ/ anti-MEQ configuration, you could also consider the small total point cost to give both of your riptides Ion Accelerators to enable them to pull secondary antiarmor duty behind Longstrike.

You could also move one Broadside into its own Heavy Support slot, which wouldn't change anything as far as Ld tests are concerned but would remove the need for one target lock.

If you are allowed to take formations other than the CAD, you might consider looking into it. There are a few combinations which you could take your list in that could offer some advantages, depending on what you're expecting to see in your campaign.

Hopefully something in here is interesting or helpful, and I wish you the best of luck!

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