[1850] Tau Empire - First list: Competitive without the cheese? Help please!

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[1850] Tau Empire - First list: Competitive without the cheese? Help please!

Post#1 » Jan 24 2017 12:57

Hi there, just getting back into the hobby since last playing in 5th ed. and newly converted to Tau.

I've read around, and tried to piece together something that is hopefully well rounded, and will stand a decent chance of winning, without being the cheesiest, full-gouda riptide wing list that all the tournament players seem to run. I can see why they do, but I want to play at a friendly, store-game level, making use of my collection and a variety of units.

My particular points of contention are: are these formations the most efficient use of the models I have? and are my wargear choices balanced and efficient?

Tau Empire

Hunter Contingent Detachment

Hunter Cadre Formation
Commander - 185pts
Plasma rifle, CIB, Iridium armour, VRT, PTE chip, Shield generator

Striker team - 45pts
5 Pulse rifles

Striker team - 45pts
5 Pulse rifles

Striker team - 100pts
10 Pulse rifles, Shas'vre

Devilfish - 111pts
Sensor spines, Disruption pod, Black-sun filter, SMS

3 Crisis battlesuits - 181pts
6 plasma rifles, Shas'vre, Shield drone, BKR

3 Crisis battlesuits - 191pts
6 fusion blasters, Shas'vre, Shield drone, 2 target locks, BKR

Riptide battlesuit - 225pts
Ion accelerator, Stimulant injector, EWO, SMS

Pathfinder team - 44pts
4 pulse carbines/markerlights

Broadside battlesuit - 104pts
Shas'vre, High-yield missile pod, EWO, SMS, 2 missile drones

Optimised Stealth Cadre Formation
Ghostkeel Battlesuit - 165pts

Cyclic Ion Raker, TL Fusion blaster, EWO, VT

3 Stealth Battlesuits - 120pts
Shas'vre, Target lock + Markerlight, Fusion Blaster, Homing beacon

3 Stealth Battlesuits 110pts
Shas'vre, Target lock + Markerlight, Fusion Blaster

Drone-net VX1-0 Formation
Drone Squadron - 56pts

4 markerlight drones

Drone Squadron - 56pts
4 markerlight drones

Drone Squadron - 56pts
4 markerlight drones

Drone Squadron - 56pts
4 markerlight drones

Final question is, would you enjoy playing against this list? (in terms of being challenging enough to give a good game, but not cheesy or frustrating?)

Thanks in advance for any feedback!

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Re: [1850] Tau Empire - First list: Competitive without the cheese? Help please!

Post#2 » Feb 07 2017 04:38

Hi, a nice and well balanced list and one I would be happy to face to be sure, a balanced mix of units should make this fun to play with and against.
I would say that these formations are pretty efficient and I'd keep them the way they are.
I do think you have a tendency to add quite a few support systems which aren't really needed/good. I would say the devilfish as an 80 point unit whose main job is to transport it's contents to the opponent and then get in the way doesn't really need all the upgrades (especially not the SMS, the drones' detachability is very useful).
The BKR on the crisis suit are irrelevant as it only becomes useful if a unit has 5 models or more and I'd drop the Shas'vre on whichever squad the commander will be joining as the commander will give LD10 anyway. I'd say that the gun drones are always better than shield drones as you're getting the 4+ anyway and contributing a decent amount of firepower to the unit, but I'm not sure you need them at all.
I'd also say drop the markerlight on the Stealth suits and give it a homing beacon instead. With the points freed up you should be able to get another squad of marker drones if you feel you need more MLs
Hope this helped!

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Re: [1850] Tau Empire - First list: Competitive without the cheese? Help please!

Post#3 » Feb 13 2017 05:03

In addition to what has been said above: Drop the Pathfinders, in my opinion, a unit of Drones is a more potent and more durable Marker-light source, because of the 4+ save and better Toughness as well their BS will be boosted by your
VX-Drone-Net . If you feel you need more Marker-lights, add a 5th Drone unit to the formation. Maybe think about the Firewarriors in the Devilfish, replace them with Breachers or Pulse carbines, and boost them with an Ethereal for better short range efficiency. As they are in the Tank they can get close to get their job done. The Tank is very useful with Drones used as meat shield and Disruptionpod, for that nasty 3+ Jink. So it becomes a durable and fast scoring unit, but a very unattractive target, for your opponent. As well you will be able to get the Combined Firepower special rule, with the detached drones, which form a new unit, the Devilfish and the Firewarriors...
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