1000 Point List for Team Tournament

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1000 Point List for Team Tournament

Post#1 » Jan 24 2017 06:09

Hey Guys,
i just wanted to show you my 1000 point list i played in a team tournament.
My teammate played 1000 points astra militarum. (not sure what exactly, but he had 2 leman russ and veteran infantry)



Game1: Chaos Demons & Dark Angles
Game2: KDK/CSM & Dark Angles
Game3: Space Wolves & Grey Knights

My List:

+++ 1000Tau (Warhammer 40,000 7th Edition v2017) (999pts) +++

++ Combined Arms Detachment (Tau Empire: Codex (2015) v2005) ++

+ HQ +

········Cadre Fireblade

+ Elites +

········XV104 Riptide Battlesuits
············Riptide Shas'vre [Early Warning Override, Ion Accelerator, Twin-linked Smart Missile System]

········XV8 Crisis Battlesuits
············Crisis Shas'ui [2x Missile Pod, Velocity Tracker]
············Crisis Shas'ui [2x Missile Pod, Velocity Tracker]

+ Troops +

········Strike Team [10x Fire Warrior with Pulse Rifle]

········Strike Team [11x Fire Warrior with Pulse Rifle]
············TY7 Devilfish [2x MV1 Gun Drone]

+ Fast Attack +

········Pathfinder Team [6x Pathfinder]

········XV109 Y'vahra Battlesuit [FW] [Early Warning Override, Stimulant Injector]

Created with BattleScribe (http://www.battlescribe.net)

Well....big surprise: the XV109 Y'vahra was the top performer in this list.
Both Krisis were worth each single point (e.g. they killed a keeper of secrets) i just equipped them wrong because there was not a single flyer on the table that day. ;)
Best equipment: EWOs....so much fun!

Oh....btw....we won each game & the tournament. :D

thanks for visiting! (Sorry, my english is not the best)

Have Fun!

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