1000 Points: Need C&C on countering Mech IG

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1000 Points: Need C&C on countering Mech IG

Post#1 » Jan 25 2017 03:27

Hello ATT. I'm just starting to get into the Greater Good, and I need some advice list-building. I'm expecting to go up against an IG army this weekend, at a 1000 point limit. The table we're probably playing on is 5x4, with some multistory buildings in one section, and forest, rocks, and other medium height/medium density cover with open lanes and spaces on the rest. It's also possible that we'll end up on a very built-up ruined city table with similar dimensions.

The club I play at has a house rule that cover saves can be taken against markerlights.

Most of my games so far have been against SM, which dominate the local club in nearly every flavor. I haven't played against any of the high-model count armies yet; I don't think that our club even has a Tyranids player and there is at least one Ork army but it rarely comes out. Here's what I know my opponent has, although I don't know his precise list.

1x Leman Russ Punisher that he likes to run Pask in
1x Leman Russ Battle Tank
2x Manticores
5x Chimeras (at least)
Many Guardsmen

AFAIK, he doesn't have or use flyers.

Here's what I'm thinking of using to counter this:

Formation Detachment

Drone-Net VX1-0
Drones [5x MV7 Marker Drone]
Drones [5x MV7 Marker Drone]
Drones [5x MV1 Gun Drone]
Drones [5x MV1 Gun Drone]

Combined Arms Detachment


XV8 Commander Crisis Suit [Drone Controller, 2x Missile Pod]
2x MV7 Marker Drone


Crisis Shas'ui [2x Missile Pod]
Crisis Shas'ui [2x Missile Pod, Target Lock]
Crisis Shas'ui [2x Missile Pod, Target Lock]
Crisis Shas'ui [2x Missile Pod, Target Lock]
Crisis Shas'vre [Command and Control Node, Flamer, Multi-spectrum Sensor Suite]

Crisis Shas'ui [2x Fusion Blaster]

Crisis Shas'ui [2x Fusion Blaster]


6x Fire Warrior with Pulse Rifle

6x Fire Warrior with Pulse Rifle

Heavy Support

XV88 Broadside Battlesuits
Broadside [Twin-linked High-Yield Missile Pod, Twin-linked Smart Missile System]

The missile pods seem like the ideal compromise to me: I need to get out more volume of fire than I do with my normal marine-killing lists, but I retain high-S and reasonable-AP fire. I can use the missile pods to at least glance the Chimeras and Manticores to death, and on a 5x4 table I'm likely to threaten most of the board at all times.

This list may contain too many markerlights. In a perfect world, I'd like to routinely strip cover and amp BS up as much as I can on every attack.

The Fusion monats would start in reserve and deep-strike to take out any Leman Russes present. If I somehow discover that there won't be any prior to the game, I would probably swap out for plasma and use them to kill the manticores.

Other models I own not included in this list:

1x Commander
1x Commander Farsight
1x Riptide
8x Fire Warriors
4x Missile Drones
2x Gun Drones
6x Markerlight Drones
1x Broadside

Any C&C is appreciated!

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